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s3sync.rb [options] <source> <destination> version 1.1.4
--help -h --verbose -v --dryrun -n
--ssl -s --recursive -r --delete
--public-read -p --expires="<exp>" --cache-control="<cc>"
--exclude="<regexp>" --progress --debug -d
One of <source> or <destination> must be of S3 format, the other a local path.
Examples: (using S3 bucket 'bucket' and prefix 'pre')
Put the local etc directory itself into S3
s3sync.rb -r /etc bucket:pre
(This will yield S3 keys named pre/etc/...)
Put the contents of the local /etc dir into S3, rename dir:
s3sync.rb -r /etc/ bucket:pre/etcbackup
(This will yield S3 keys named pre/etcbackup/...)
Put contents of S3 "directory" etc into local dir
s3sync.rb -r bucket:pre/etc/ /root/etcrestore
(This will yield local files at /root/etcrestore/...)
Put the contents of S3 "directory" etc into a local dir named etc
s3sync.rb -r bucket:pre/etc /root
(This will yield local files at /root/etc/...)
s3cmd.rb [options] <command> [arg(s)] version 1.0.0
--help -h --verbose -v --dryrun -n
--ssl -s --debug -d
s3cmd.rb listbuckets [headers]
s3cmd.rb createbucket|deletebucket <bucket> [headers]
s3cmd.rb list <bucket>[:prefix] [max/page] [delimiter] [headers]
s3cmd.rb delete <bucket>:key [headers]
s3cmd.rb deleteall <bucket>[:prefix] [headers]
s3cmd.rb get|put <bucket>:key <file> [headers]
----- s3cmd.rb listbuckets
Create a new bucket:
s3cmd.rb createbucket BucketName
Delete an old bucket you don't want any more:
s3cmd.rb deletebucket BucketName
Find out what's in a bucket, 10 lines at a time:
s3cmd.rb list BucketName 10
Only look in a particular prefix:
s3cmd.rb list BucketName:startsWithThis
Look in the virtual "directory" named foo;
lists sub-"directories" and keys that are at this level.
Note that if you specify a delimiter you must specify a max before it.
(until I make the options parsing smarter)
s3cmd.rb list BucketName:foo/ 10 /
Delete a key:
s3cmd.rb delete BucketName:AKey
Delete all keys that match (like a combo between list and delete):
s3cmd.rb deleteall BucketName:SomePrefix
Only pretend you're going to delete all keys that match, but list them:
s3cmd.rb --dryrun deleteall BucketName:SomePrefix
Delete all keys in a bucket (leaving the bucket):
s3cmd.rb deleteall BucketName
Get a file from S3 and store it to a local file
s3cmd.rb get BucketName:TheFileOnS3.txt ALocalFile.txt
Put a local file up to S3
Note we don't automatically set mime type, etc.
NOTE that the order of the options doesn't change. S3 stays first!
s3cmd.rb put BucketName:TheFileOnS3.txt ALocalFile.txt