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# TextMate
## Navigation
Command-Control-T Find Command
Command-T Find file in project by name (type name or acronym for file)
Command-Shift-T Go to Symbol
Command-1 / 2 / etc Switch to that number tab in Text
Command-F2 Toggle Bookmark
F2 Cycle Bookmarks
F1 Toggle Fold
Ctrl-Shift-T Show TODO List
## Selection
Control-W Select current word
Command-Shift-L Select current line
Command-Shift-B Select enclosed braces
Command-Control-B Select current scope
## Editing
Escape Tab completion of variables / strings
Command-Enter Go to end of line and return
Command-Shift-V Paste previous item in clipboard history
Command-Control-Alt-V Select from Clipboard
Command-Alt-A Edit Multiple Lines
Control-U Upcase
Control-Shift-U Downcase
Control-Alt-U TitleCase
Control-Alt-Q Unwrap line, remove newlines
Control-K Kill all text to end of line
Control-Y Yank back all text from kill
Control-D Delete character (not backspace)
## Search & Replace
Control-S Live Search / Find Next
Control-Shift-S Find Previous
Command-F Find
Command-Shift-F Find in Project
## Commenting, Quoting, and Indenting
Command-/ Comment Toggle
Control-" Single/Double Quotes Toggle
Command-] Indent Selection
Command-[ Un-indent Selection
Command-Alt-[ Reindent
## Ctags
Control-] Lookup Definition
Command-Control-B Source Browser
## Web
Command-Control-Alt-P Web Preview
Command-Control-Shift-W Update missing tags for all lines
Control-Shift-< Create tags (HTML)
Control-Enter <br/>
Control-Shift-L Wrap selection as Link
doctype-Tab Document Type Section
Command-&   Menu for URL