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**/* Picks out all files and directories, recursively.
***/* Ditto, following symlinks
* Any string, including the null string.
? Any character.
[...] Any of the enclosed characters. Ranges of characters can be specified by separating two characters by a -.
[^...] Inverse
[!...] Inverse
<x-y> Any number in the range x to y, inclusive. Either can be omitted.
^x Anything except the pattern x.
x|y Either x or y.
x# Zero or more occurrences of the pattern x.
x## One or more occurrences of the pattern x.
(.) Files only
(/) Directories only
(@) Symlinks only
(x) Executables only
(r) Readable files only
(w) Writable files only
(W) World-writable files
(U) Owned by you
dos2unix **/*~*.(gif|png|jpg)(.) # ~ excludes
dos2unix (#i)**/*~*.(gif|png|jpg)(.) # case-insensitive
ls =bob # Lists file anywhere in $PATH
ls **/some_file # Lists file under current directory
zargs -- **/*(.) -- ls -l # Ditto