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# Add auto-completion and a stored history file of commands to your Python
# interactive interpreter. Requires Python 2.0+, readline. Autocomplete is
# bound to the Esc key by default (you can change it - see readline docs).
# Store the file in ~/.pystartup, and set an environment variable to point
# to it: "export PYTHONSTARTUP=/max/home/itamar/.pystartup" in bash.
# Note that PYTHONSTARTUP does *not* expand "~", so you have to put in the
# full path to your home directory.
import readline
except ImportError:
print("Module readline not available.")
import atexit
import os
import rlcompleter
historyPath = os.path.expanduser("~/.python_history")
# bind TAB to completion -- interferes with indenting :-(
# readline.parse_and_bind('tab: complete')
def save_history(historyPath=historyPath):
import readline
if os.path.exists(historyPath):
del os, atexit, readline, rlcompleter, save_history, historyPath