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Integration branch

I have continued to track Wilker's original master in hopes that we can merge them some day -- we initially had some differences of opinion and I maintained this fork for my own needs as well as pulling in a few ideas from forks. Changes on this fork are noted here, with backwards-incompatible changes emphasized.


  • Ability to pass map/reduce options to the Mongo driver for the aggregation feature (andresf)
  • Tag aggregation can be called on-demand when it is not enabled to run automatically with callbacks (adkron)
  • Options given to the taggable macro that don't apply to the plugin are passed to the Mongoid field definition (ches)
  • Tag de-duplication (probably ought to just use Set...) (Wei Kong @ cocoafish)
  • More robust parsing of tags from string input (fagiani)
  • Consolidation of tags and tags_array instance methods. This is the primary API wart I wanted to change -- the tags accessor (or whatever custom field name you use) always returns an Array, and if a String is given to the setter it is tokenized and stored as an Array. (ches)
  • Field name for tags can be specified explicitly, instead of being forced as tags (ches)
  • Tag "indexing" feature renamed to "aggregation" and disabled by default. This seems a more accurate named for map/reduce tag counting. (ches)
  • Use taggable macro method to invoke the plugin's behavior on a model, allowing plugin options to passed in one sensible place (ches)
  • Spec suite isolated from needing a sample app (ches)
  • Use ActiveSupport::Concern in the style of Mongoid 2.x (ches)
  • tagged_with class method to find records by an Array or String of tags (petRUShka)
  • Drop use of Jeweler, use Bundler (ches)

Bug Fixes

  • Rails 3.1 deprecation and gemspec warning fixes (JangoSteve)
  • Aggregation skipping fixed for Mongoid 2.1's switch to ActiveModel-compliant dirty tracking (ches)
  • Map/reduce aggregation isn't run on record save if tags weren't changed (ches)

0.1.1 - 26 July, 2010

Wilker's last official gem release before this fork.

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