A Plex plugin for viewing vimcasts.org screencasts on your fancy media center.
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A simple Plex plugin for vimcasts.org, allowing you to view the screencasts from the comfort of your media center.


The plugin is accepted in Plex's official channel directory—just browse the Channel Directory section in the Plex Home Theater app and you can install it from there.

Building From Source

If you want to hack on the plugin, this should get you going. Pull requests are welcome, I'll try to get enhancements upstreamed to Plex, but the plugin submission process is not self-service and to be honest isn't very transparent, so it may take some time.

The Plex-Vimcasts plugin bundle is built from files in the bundle/ and templates/ directories. To build the bundle you'll need:

With those tools installed, get a copy of the source and install the plugin:

$ git clone git://github.com/ches/plex-vimcasts.git
$ cd plex-vimcasts
$ rake install

If you'd like to remove the plugin later, use:

$ rake uninstall

Or, rake uninstall:hard to uninstall the plugin and it's preferences and data.

If you wish to package your own double-clickable plugin installer, you'll need two additional build dependencies:

Then, just run rake package and check the dist directory.


Under the same terms as Plex, GPLv2.


This, my first Plex plugin, began as a bunch of copy and paste! (Please Plex, update the documentation for plugin developers one of these days...).

  • Basically a clone of David Leatherman's Railscasts plugin.
  • Rake build script cribbed from Rick Fletcher's MLB plugin. Probably overkill for this simple plugin, but it's a nice generalized example for other plugins to follow :-)