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A simple Plex plugin for, allowing you to view the screencasts from the comfort of your media center.


Assuming you already have a working Plex installation, grab the latest release from the downloads and double-click to install.

Building From Source

The Plex-Vimcasts plugin bundle is built from files in the bundle/ and templates/ directories. To build the bundle you'll need:

With those tools installed, get a copy of the source and install the plugin:

$ git clone git://
$ cd plex-vimcasts
$ rake install

If you'd like to remove the plugin later, use:

$ rake uninstall

Or, rake uninstall:hard to uninstall the plugin and it's preferences and data.

If you wish to package your own double-clickable plugin installer, you'll need two additional build dependencies:

Then, just run rake package and check the dist directory.


Under the same terms as Plex, GPLv2.


This, my first Plex plugin, began as a bunch of copy and paste! (Please Plex, update the documentation for plugin developers one of these days...).

  • Basically a clone of David Leatherman's Railscasts plugin.
  • Rake build script cribbed from Rick Fletcher's MLB plugin. Probably overkill for this simple plugin, but it's a nice generalized example for other plugins to follow :-)
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