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  • Eliminate need for :require option in Gemfile (Konstantin Shabanov)

0.4.1 / June 26, 2011

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Bug Fixes

  • URL-decode before filename lookup so that non-ASCII filenames are handled correctly (Konstantin Shabanov)

0.4.0 / May 12, 2011

Major refactoring and loads of new features! Thanks to Ben Marini for his substantial contributions to this release.

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  • Allow configuration of MongoDB authentication (Steve Sloan)

  • Allow option to look up objects by GridFS filename instead of ObjectId (SHIBATA Hiroshi)

  • Return iterable GridIO object instead of file contents, so Rack can stream in chunks (Ches Martin)

  • Rack::GridFS::Endpoint: support for mounting as a Rack endpoint in addition to middleware (Ben Marini)

  • Cache headers: set Last-Modified and Etag so that Rack::ConditionalGet sends 304s. expires option to set Cache-Control (Alexander Gräfe & Ben Marini)

  • mime-types dependency so GridFS lib can determine content types (Ben Marini)

  • You can now pass a Mongo::DB instance instead of discrete database configuration parameters. Connections are retried so we take advantage of a ReplSetConnection in high-availability architectures (Ben Marini)

Bug Fixes

  • BSON::ObjectID renamed to ObjectId, and other changes supporting current versions of Mongo libraries