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Simple in-memory key-value storage with TTL for each record.


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ttlcache – is a simple and efficient in-memory key value storage with TTL for each record.

The key is of uint64 type. Library provides wrappers for common types:

  • IntKey
  • ByteKey
  • Int8Key
  • Uint8Key
  • Int16Key
  • Uint16Key
  • Int32Key
  • Uint32Key
  • Int64Key
  • Uint64Key
  • BytesKey ([]byte)
  • StringKey
  • AnyKey (interface{})

AnyKey is not suitable for very intensive usage. Consider writing your own hash function if your keys are complex types, and you faced performance degradation.


go get -u


package main

import (

const (
    minute = 60 * time.Second
    hour = 60 * minute

func main() {
    // How often we need to stop the world and remove outdated records.
    resolution := minute

    cache := ttlcache.New(resolution)
    cache.Set(ttlcache.StringKey("some key"), "value", hour)
    value, ok := cache.Get(ttlcache.StringKey("some key"))
    if !ok {
        // there is no record with key "some key" in the cache. Probably it has been expired.

    fmt.Println(value.(string)) // This is necessary type assertion, because returned value is of interface{} type.


If you're interested in benchmarks you can check them in repository. Just play with numbers and types and check that library is suitable for your purposes.

go test -bench=. -benchmem

For those of us who wants to get some numbers without downloading unknown stuff (MacBook Pro 16"):

BenchmarkCache_Set_100-16           8959221               125 ns/op
BenchmarkCache_Set_1000-16          9177854               123 ns/op
BenchmarkCache_Set_10000-16         9247304               131 ns/op
BenchmarkCache_Get_100-16           50562800              23.9 ns/op
BenchmarkCache_Get_1000-16          47270793              26.9 ns/op
BenchmarkCache_Get_10000-16         42578484              27.7 ns/op