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A Chrome extension that lets you open YouTube tracks in Spotify. Lets you assemble playlists of all the YouTube music links it finds. Good for browsing music subreddits on
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YouTube to Spotify Playlister

This is a Chrome extension that adds a Spotify icon next to YouTube music video links on Reddit. Clicking the Spotify icon will start playing the track in Spotify, either in the web player or the desktop application.

This extension also adds a Spotify icon next to the subreddit name on Reddit. Clicking this icon will open a list of all the Spotify tracks found on the page. You can turn this track listing into a playlist on Spotify.

On YouTube, if a music video is found on Spotify, a Spotify icon will appear next to the video name. Clicking that icon will start playing the track in Spotify.

Clicking the YouTube to Spotify Playlister icon icon in your Chrome window will open a popup showing all the Spotify tracks found so far. You can keep adding to this list by browsing other Reddit pages or YouTube videos. When you're ready, click the 'web player' or 'desktop app' links to open the list of tracks in Spotify. In this way, you can make a playlist spanning multiple subreddits such as /r/Music and /r/listentothis. Click the 'Clear Tracks' link to remove all songs from the list and start over.

You can choose whether to open Spotify links in the web player (default) or in the desktop application.

Finding Music Subreddits

For easy playlist creation, try visiting multiple music subreddits combined into one:

  • Classical music
  • Electronic
  • [Rock]( Australian Metal+BlackMetal+bluegrass+Blues+bluesrock+CanadianClassicRock+CanadianMusic+ClassicRock+country+Christcore+crunkcore+deathcore+deathmetal+Djent+DoomMetal+EmoScreamo+folk+folkmetal+folkpunk+folkrock+GaragePunk+GothicMetal+Grunge+hardcore+HardRock+horrorpunk+indie_rock+jrock+krautrock+MathRock+melodicdeathmetal+MelodicMetal+MetalNews+metal+metalcore+monsterfuzz+neopsychedelia+NewWave+noiserock+numetal+pianorock+poppunkers+PostHardcore+PostRock+powermetal+powerpop+ProgMetal+progrockmusic+PsychedelicRock+punk+Punkskahardcore+Punk_Rock+Rock+shoegaze+stonerrock+symphonicblackmetal+symphonicmetal+synthrock+truethrash+Truemetal+OutlawCountry+WomenRock)
  • Hip hop
  • Any genre
  • Miscellaneous

Find individual music subreddits in the /r/Music wiki.

Why does this extension exist?

I subscribe to a lot of music subreddits on Reddit but I never find myself clicking their links for a few reasons:

  • I'm already listening to a playlist in Spotify and don't want to stop what I'm listening to just to play one song on YouTube.
  • I'm browsing on my iPad and don't want to watch a video on YouTube. I want background music playing while I do other things.
  • Sometimes I want to make new playlists but I don't know which songs to choose. The music subreddits often have good suggestions, but I don't want to manually go through them and look up each song on Spotify myself.

While I can't use this extension on my iPad, I don't have to feel sad anymore when I scroll right past all those YouTube links, because I know I'll just make a playlist later on my computer.


Screenshot of YouTube to Spotify Playlister

Reddit page with added Spotify track links and playlist link.

Screenshot 2 of YouTube to Spotify Playlister

Extension popup showing playlist.

Screenshot 3 of YouTube to Spotify Playlister

YouTube music video with Spotify link.

Feature To-do List

  • Allow user to enter subreddit and pull tracks from the API for that subreddit.
  • Incorporate other sites, like Soundcloud or Vimeo, and try to find their Spotify tracks.


Thanks to Typo.js, jQuery, the Spotify API, and the YouTube API.


The source code is released under the GNU General Public License version 3.

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