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Gym Spends

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As motivation for going to the gym more often, this app will tell you how much each visit is costing you based on your monthly gym fee and how much you've checked in there this month.


How to Develop

You will need Homebrew installed in macOS.

Create a Foursquare application and copy your app's client ID to src/public/config.json. Add http://localhost:3000/auth as a redirect URI in your Foursquare app.

brew update
brew install yarn
yarn install
open http://localhost:3000

How to Test

yarn install
yarn test

This will run the style checker and the Jest tests. You can run just the style checker via yarn run style. You can run just the Jest tests via yarn run unit-test.

Snapshots are used -- see test/components/__snapshots__/ -- to test that a React component is rendered the same way consistently based on the props it's given. If you update a component, a test may fail because the snapshot is now different from what is rendered. Manually compare the two and if the change is expected, update the now out-of-date snapshot with yarn run unit-test -- -u.

See also:

How to Deploy to Heroku

In your Foursquare application, you'll need to add your Heroku app's URL, with /auth, as a valid redirect URI. You probably want to add two redirect URIs: one with https and the other with http.

git push heroku master
heroku open


Track how much each trip to the gym costs you.





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