Campfire Change Log

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For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Campfire 1.12.1

  • Implemented bug fixes for Skyrim SE / Skyrim VR by Dracotorre. Thank you very much!
    • Fixed a missing keyword issue on Campfires.
    • Correctly set the isSpecialEdition flag.
    • Correctly set the plugin as a master file with Form version 44.

Campfire 1.12


  • Now compatible with Skyrim VR!

    • A new option, "Relax", is added when selecting your bed roll. This replaces "Sit" and "Lie Down" when playing Skyrim VR.
    • Reworked several interactions with tents and campfires in order to ensure a comfortable experience in VR.
    • Ensured that rain and snow are blocked by tents when inside a tent in VR.
  • Now compatible with SKSE64 (Skyrim SE)!

    • Updated Skyrim SE version to include PapyrusUtil 3.4b for SKSE64 2.0.7 and SSE 1.5.39.


  • When using a campfire, you no longer kneel in front of it.
  • Followers now sleep in bed rolls at night and sit on bed rolls during the day, instead of mirroring the player's behavior, when sitting or lying down in a bed roll.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where fires could not be built under certain conditions.
  • We now no longer overwrite settings if a Settings Profile fails to load.
  • Removed legacy Frostfall check, as it sometimes produced warnings when it should not.
  • Fixed an issue where separating a certain backpack with amulet would not produce the backpack and amulet again.
  • Prevented Campfire hotkeys from activating when the Text Entry menu from UIExtensions is open.
  • (Special Edition) Fixed an issues where plugins in the user's Data folder, but not their load order, would register as loaded.

Campfire 1.11


  • Quick campfire lighting was redesigned.
  • After building the campfire ring, you must click on the ring (just like in Realistic mode). The crafting interface will allow you to build the campfire in a single step by striking a stone or using fire magic (selecting fuel and tinder is skipped, and you start with a Crackling fire).
  • This enables Quick mode users to choose to increase their Camping or Destruction skill, depending on their choice, just like Realistic users.
  • This also enables Quick mode users to see the campfire lighting graphics (striking a stone, etc). Numerous players have told me that they found these to be really immersive and that they missed seeing these graphics, even though they like the convenience of Quick mode. I hope this is a happy middle ground!

Bug Fixes

  • (Special Edition) Fixed an issue where using Enchanting Supplies would not tell the player what ingredients were missing.
  • Fixed an issue where campfires could not be built under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the campfire lighting mode setting was not being saved to the player's settings profile.
  • Fixed issues that prevented other mod authors from being able to do everything that was intended with conjured shelters using the Campfire Dev Kit.

Campfire 1.10.3


  • (Frostfall) Your exposure and wetness are now displayed when using your tent. It will also note if you are being warmed by a nearby fire.
  • You can now acquire branches once again when Quick campfire lighting mode is enabled.


  • The "Survival Skill" prefix was dropped from all of the unique powers that Campfire adds.

Bug Fixes

  • (Special Edition) Plugin form version number correctly incremented to 44.


  • There was an issue where Campfire could not be uninstalled after placing objects into the world and not picking them back up again using Skyrim Special Edition. After uninstallation, the game would report that the "save has been corrupted". However, following Skyrim SE's 1.2 update, I have been unable to reproduce this issue. If you run into it again, please let me know.

Campfire 1.10.2


  • First unified release of Campfire on Classic Skyrim and Special Edition.

  • Added "Quick" Campfire Building setting.

  • This setting skips the starting fuel, tinder, and lighting process of campfire building.

  • When using Quick building, campfires cost 4 deadwood or firewood to place, and spawn automatically lit. It starts as a "Crackling" campfire.

  • You will be prompted if you want to use "Quick" or "Realistic" when building a campfire for the first time. "Realistic" works as campfires have historically, with tinder, lighting, etc.

  • You can put the campfire out with Frost magic, and relight the campfire with Fire magic, bashing it with a torch, or clicking on it and selecting "Relight".

  • You can upgrade the campfire to a Roaring campfire.

  • If the campfire burns out when using Quick building, it immediately disappears; you can't "start over". To get another campfire, make a new one.

  • You still gain Camping skill progress when using Quick building.

  • You will be unable to harvest branches, create tinder, or create kindling when using Quick building, as those items no longer serve a purpose under this mode.

  • Added cloak recipes to tanning racks in order to make them more discoverable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a texture bug on backpacks with no amulet attached.
  • Fixed a delay when putting out a campfire. Campfires are now put out instantly.

Campfire 1.10.1 SE

  • Cloaks and backpacks have been re-added. Huge thanks to Ousinus on Nexus Mods for helping me fix this!

Campfire 1.10 SE

  • Burlap, Linen, and Hide cloaks are temporarily unavailable due to some mesh issues I'm working through.
  • Backpacks are temporarily unavailable. I have a surprise in store for these, though :) More very soon.
  • Survival Skill: Instincts does not highlight Flora in the world; it still highlights creatures and the dead / undead.
  • Any features that relied on the SkyUI MCM, such as hotkeys and Settings Profiles, are not available.
  • Everything else should be fully intact from the original Skyrim version. Enjoy!

Campfire 1.9.1

Upgrade Instructions Uninstall the previous version, install the new version, and load your save game.

Features and Changes

  • Removed a problematic font from the installer.
  • Changes to support Frostfall 3.2.1.

Campfire 1.9

Upgrade Instructions Uninstall the previous version, install the new version, and load your save game.

Features and Changes

  • Upgraded included PapyrusUtil version to 3.3.

  • Upgraded included Brawl Bugs Patch scripts to EnaiSiaion's Modern Brawl Bug Fix (1.4).

  • Harvesting wood now takes 30 in-game minutes per attempt, instead of 1 hour.

  • Changes required to support the latest bug fixes, features, and changes in Frostfall and Last Seed.

  • Removed all machine translation from the mod. Translation of the mod is still supported by 3rd party translators, but out-of-the-box machine translation will no longer be provided due to repeated complaints.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that could cause some objects used during object placement to not be deleted correctly.

  • Improved follower detection; followers not in the current loaded area will no longer be counted. Should solve a bug where Esbern was perpetually registered as a follower after doing certain portions of the main quest.

  • On start-up, Campfire ensures that your placement thread count is at least 1, in order to avoid an object placement error.

  • The object placement system would stop placement if anything hit the player, including non-hostile spells. It now filters out non-hostile spells.

  • Fixed a bug where, under certain conditions, the Next / Previous / Exit skill torchbugs at a campfire would not be cleaned up correctly. If you have torchbugs that never disappeared, simply leave the area and come back; they should be gone when you return.

  • If a mod is uninstalled that added wood chopping blocks, a continuous Papyrus log error could occur. Added a Papyrus log message prompting the user to run 'ClearInvalidRegistrations' from the console if this occurs.

Campfire 1.8

Upgrade Instructions Uninstall the previous version, install the new version, and load your save game.

Features and Changes

Survival Skill: Instincts Improvements

  • You can now toggle what Survival Skill: Instincts tracks on and off individually using the MCM.
  • You can now toggle the Instincts distortion visual effect and sound effect on and off.
  • Instincts can now allow you to see all harvestable flora more easily.
  • Instincts can now show you the path to your next quest target (disabled by default).
  • Instincts now works indoors, but is half as effective.
  • How fast and reliable Instincts works (making nearby objects glow) is now much better.
  • The glow effect transition when highlighting objects with Instincts is now smoother.

Other Changes

  • Back-end changes required by Frostfall 3.1.

Bug Fixes

  • Retroactively fixed a bug where old campfire skill trees would still be hovering where campfires had been built before. If you are experiencing this problem, after upgrading, orphaned skill trees should be deleted from your game automatically as you travel to areas where they used to be.

Campfire 1.7.1

Features and Changes

  • This update supports creating tinder items using the Campfire Dev Kit without a direct dependency on Campfire. Added the following injected records: 01CC0E0B - _Camp_CampfireItem_GoodWeather (MiscObject) 01CC0E0C - _Camp_LastUsedCampfireSize (GlobalVariable) 01CC0E0D - _Camp_LastUsedCampfireStage (GlobalVariable)

Campfire 1.7

Features and Changes

  • All additions and changes to the back-end necessary to support Conjured Shelters in Frostfall 3.

  • Included PapyrusUtil version updated to 3.2.

  • Changes to campfires: Much feedback has been received regarding how campfires currently work, and what users find fun and not-so-fun. With that feedback in mind:

    • The visual and sound effects when lighting campfires have been completely overhauled. Lighting with Strike Stone now has more satisfying sparks and sounds. Lighting with Magic now has more appropriate magical sound and visual effects. Lighting the fire with Dwarven Oil now provides a much more satisfying effect as the oil bursts into flames.
    • No more random chance of failure. Poorer quality tinder now simply requires longer to light. The player will attempt to light the campfire continuously until it is lit. (Example: Canis Root in clear weather had a 55% chance of success in the old system. It now requires 21 seconds to light without any skill modifiers, and lights instantly at max rank in one of the skills listed below.) This better complements and is easier to balance against Frostfall, where time matters a great deal when in adverse conditions.
    • If the player moves or is attacked while lighting a campfire, the attempt fails and the tinder is lost.
    • Only one tinder item is used per attempt.
    • When smoke begins rising from the campfire, this indicates that the campfire is almost lit.
    • It is more difficult (will take longer) to light a campfire in adverse weather.
    • "Light (Strike Stone)" advances the Camping skill.
    • The Firecraft perk increases the speed of lighting a campfire with Strike Stone. Each rank reduces the lighting time by 7 seconds, up to 28 seconds.
    • "Light (Fire Magic)" advances the Destruction magic skill (equivalent to a single cast of the Fireball spell).
    • "Light (Fire Magic)" requires 20 Destruction skill or higher in order to use, and no longer requires possessing the Flames spell.
    • The Destruction skill level increases the speed of lighting a campfire with Magic. Every 20 points reduces the lighting time by 7 seconds, up to 28 seconds.
    • "Light Fire - Torch" was removed.
  • Tutorials were added.

    • A short in-game tutorial for building campfires was added.
    • A short in-game tutorial explaining how the Campfire Skill System works was added.
    • The SkyUI MCM and legacy config menus now have "Enable Tutorials" and "Reset Tutorials" settings.
  • Improvements were made to the way Campfire detects Legacy Frostfall.

    • The form checked to detect legacy Frostfall was changed, which improves detection accuracy.
    • Many important pieces of debug information (detected load order position, author, and reverse name lookup of offending plug-in) were added to the error message to aid the user in troubleshooting the problem.
    • A more obscure error case is now handled where legacy Frostfall was detected but its position in the load order couldn't be resolved.
  • All required steps in the campfire building process have been renamed with the prefix "Build Fire - ", for clarity.

  • Sleeping in a tent you have placed now grants Camping skill progress, once per in-game day. (Conjured Shelters do not grant this skill, instead increasing your Conjuration skill on cast.)

  • The "Uplifted" and "Inspired" bonuses for large campfires now apply when you walk away from, put out, or destroy your campfire, or allow it to burn out naturally, instead of when it is lit or upgraded. This way, you will wake up the next morning with a full timer on your bonus if you fall asleep to a crackling campfire and awaken to embers.

  • The Campfire Dev Kit was updated:

    • Modders can now create their own skill trees using the Campfire Dev Kit. See Tutorial 5 for more information.
    • Modders can now create their own conjured items and shelters using the Campfire Dev Kit. A tutorial will be forthcoming soon.
    • Please see the Campfire Dev Kit change log for more information.
  • Added 2 new injected records that acts as an invisible heat source for Frostfall. This can be useful for modders creating outdoor hot springs, etc. See this page for more information.

  • When interacting with a tent, "Use Lantern" has been renamed "Use Light".

  • We now wait until campfires are no longer in an active cell before attempting to delete them because they've been unlit for 24 hours. (Can no longer pop out of existence in front of the player)

  • Additional Fur Plate recipes are visible by default when viewing the Create Item crafting system, to help alleviate confusion regarding how Fur Plates can be created.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the player could get more fuel refunded to them when destroying a campfire than they put in.
  • Fixed a bug where converting ruined books to paper rolls would not actually remove the ruined books from the player's inventory.
  • When placing objects with Advanced Placement deactivated, objects could occasionally spawn under the ground if the ground was sloped enough, because the item's position was based on the player's. We now take a single sample of the terrain height and place it there instead.
  • Fixed a flaw related to placing two Placeable Objects at nearly the same time.
  • Fixed a flaw in the way all placed objects keep track of certain objects.
  • Fixed a bug where certain functions were being called more frequently than required when placing certain objects.
  • Placeable objects can no longer be activated / used before they are fully initialized.
  • Made minor enhancements to the way in which the system stops placing objects, to prepare for the next one.

Campfire 1.6

Features and Changes

  • When building campfires, you can now select how you would like to light it as part of the crafting process.

    • Selecting "Light Fire (Flames Spell)" has a 100% chance of success, but grants no Camping skill progress. Requires having the Flames spell.
    • Selecting "Light Fire (Torch)" has a 100% chance of success, but grants no Camping skill progress. Requires having a torch.
    • Selecting "Light Fire (Strike Stone)" has the ordinary chance of success as indicated by the type of tinder used, and grants Camping skill progress.
  • Fires created from kindling now have their own unique graphics (previously re-used the branch graphics).

  • Firecraft is now the first perk in the Camping skill tree (swapped places with Resourceful).

    • Firecraft now only provides a bonus to how easily campfires are lit when using Strike Stone.
    • Resourceful provides a bonus to both wood gathered and how long campfires last.
    • Your perk points will be refunded automatically after upgrading if invalid perk progress is detected.
  • As part of the above change, the "Manual Fire Lighting" option has been removed, in order to avoid confusion and keep players in the guided crafting system during campfire construction.

    • Attacking the campfire with a Flame spell or torch will still work, with 100% success, if tinder has been placed.
  • You can now create 1x "Wood Shavings" from 1 Branches or 1 Kindling.

  • "Wood Shavings" can be used as tinder, with a 35% chance of success in clear weather, and 5% chance in adverse weather.

  • You can now create 4x "Roll of Paper" from 1 Ruined Book.

  • "Roll of Paper" can be used as tinder, with a 55% chance of success in clear weather, and 25% chance in adverse weather.

  • You can now deconstruct several existing items for Kindling.

    • Broom (4x Kindling)
    • Wooden Bowl (3x Kindling)
    • Wooden Ladle (3x Kindling)
    • Wooden Plate (3x Kindling)
    • Flute (3x Kindling)
    • Drum (6x Kindling)
    • Lute (6x Kindling)
    • Bucket (6x Kindling)

Chesko's Note: This means that, with a single wooden plate or other item listed above, you have everything you need to start the most basic campfire! Go forth and channel your inner MacGuyver.

  • Lit campfires now show how long they have left before they burn out in in-game hours and minutes.

  • You can now add fuel to an existing fire by selecting "Replenish Fuel" from the campfire crafting menu. This will reset the duration of the campfire. The fuel cost of replenishing a fire is less than starting a new one.

    • Starting (stage 1) campfires cannot be replenished.
  • Torches can now be broken down into 1 Kindling and 1 Linen Wrap when using Create Item.

  • The Longbow recipe now requires 1 firewood (was 2). Alternative recipe still requires 2 deadwood.

  • There is now a "Sleep" option when clicking on a bed roll. Lying down first is now optional.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where the day could reset to the previous day if harvesting wood after 11PM.

  • Fixed a bug with horses being improperly registered as followers when using Immersive Horses, which could cause unwanted behavior.

  • Fixed a bug with animal follower registration, causing unwanted behavior. This improves compatibility with Pets of Skyrim.

  • Several magic fires in and around Winterhold were not being detected as heat sources properly. (Fixes bug in Frostfall 3.)

  • Added a fail-safe for a rare case of OnTentEnter / OnTentLeave events being sent out of order, causing the system to think the player is always inside a tent. We now clear the player's "currently used tent" value each time the player changes areas.

Campfire 1.5.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue introduced in 1.5 where pressing the jump key after getting up from a campfire or tent would sometimes cause the campfire or tent menu to always appear.

Campfire 1.5.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where giant campfires were not registering correctly as heat sources. (Fixing this in Frostfall 3.x will require an update to Frostfall as well, please be on the lookout for that soon.)

Campfire 1.5


  • You can now put out a campfire without a frost spell. Simply select "Put Out" from the campfire menu.
  • Destroying a campfire will now put it out first, and return any unspent fuel to you.
  • There is now a "Get Up" option when sitting near campfires, similar to tents.
  • (SKSE Req) You can now activate your campfire while sitting near it by pressing the jump key, similar to tents.


  • Included PapyrusUtil updated to 3.1.
  • You can no longer "Use" a campfire when sitting near it, or access "Skills".
  • The player's camera state (first or third person view) before using a tent or campfire is re-applied after exiting it.
  • The option for harvesting deadwood now always appears, but selecting it without an appropriate axe in your inventory displays an error, in order to make it clear to new players how to obtain deadwood.
  • Added back-end support for a future feature in Frostfall.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the ingredient for a fur plate was a sweet roll when using Complete Crafting Overhaul.
  • Fixed an issue where the cooking pot was difficult to select.
  • Fixed an issue where ruined books were not being subtracted from the player's inventory when creating campfires from them.
  • Fixed an issue where the player or followers could become stuck if they destroyed or picked up the object they were using, if that object was furniture (campfires, tents, etc).
  • If a placed object doesn't get disabled and deleted on the first try when packing something up, we now try one more time and log a warning in the Papyrus log.

Campfire 1.4

Changes for Players

  • Cleaned Pelts are now Fur Plates, and is the same Fur Plate used by Complete Crafting Overhaul, Immersive Armors, and other mods. If any of these compatible mods are installed, they will share this crafting component.
  • A wide number of back-end changes were made to ensure a very deep level of compatibility with Complete Crafting Overhaul and Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (thanks, Kryptopyr!)
    • Experience should no longer be granted when crafting certain survival equipment.
    • Cloaks can now only be enchanted with elemental Resist enchantments.

Changes for Modders

  • Purchasing a perk using the Campfire Perk System (in any skill tree) generates a new Campfire_CampfirePerkPurchased SKSE mod event.
  • A number of injected records were added to support increased compatibility. Will be documented soon.

Bug Fixes

  • Hotkeys should now be correctly blocked when in a crafting menu.
  • Fixed a critical bug in the equipment processing code.
  • Fixed an issue where Frostfall would think that there was a fire nearby any time the player was near a tent.
  • Removed an unnecessary check in the head equipment section of the equipment monitor script.
  • Removed unnecessary debug message when exiting a cell that has a tent in it.

Campfire 1.3


  • You can now sit and lie down in a tent in first-person when using Enhanced Camera.
  • Changed the idle animation for enchanting supplies. These should be much better for Enhanced Camera / Immersive First Person users.
  • Using campfires now puts the camera in 3rd person view when using Enhanced Camera in order to avoid a nausea-inducing head wobble. Setting bForceFirstPersonCamera=1 and bForceFirstPersonSitting=1 in SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini will keep the camera in first-person view, but the effect is not pleasant.
  • Made the script update speed when sitting or laying in a tent or sitting near a campfire less aggressive.

Bug Fixes

  • When catching a large leather tent on fire, the flames and rubble no longer spawn under the ground.
  • Set some missing parameters on the fires that spawn when catching objects on fire.

Campfire 1.2


  • Frostfall 3.0 is now correctly detected by Campfire.
  • Loading Frostfall 2.6 or below will now cause Campfire to display an error message that will not go away until you exit the game and disable it.

Bug Fixes

  • You can no longer use Build Campfire, Instincts, Harvest Wood, or Create Item while mounted and in several other cases (transformed, swimming, etc) when using a hotkey. Doing so caused errors that would require the player to exit the game.

Campfire 1.1.1


  • You can now select a campfire and choose "Place Cooking Pot", which will automatically place your cooking pot for you near your campfire.


  • Objects in the world that glow when using Survival Skill: Instincts should now get stuck glowing much less frequently.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Campfire_OnObjectPlaced and Campfire_OnObjectRemoved events not setting the value of abIsTent correctly.

Campfire 1.1


  • Survival Skill: Instincts - A new vision ability that allows you to detect many things in your surroundings. Detect moving creatures, the dead (and undead), and items that can be used as tinder in your campfire. This feature requires SKSE 1.7.3+ and is optional.

  • Campfire Perk System - A new stand-alone perk system has been introduced and is accessible from any lit campfire you have built. Campfire introduces the Camping skill, and offers 5 perks with 13 ranks total. Earn perks by successfully lighting campfires. Frostfall, Last Seed, and Art of the Catch will introduce their own perk trees into this system as well, providing a new growth path for players. As this new system is completely stand-alone, it will not conflict with any existing perk overhaul mod.

  • Settings Profiles - Your Campfire mod settings can now be automatically saved to a Profile. Settings Profiles are written to a file, and persist across saves, loads, characters, and new games. If enabled, any settings changes you make are automatically saved to your current Profile, and your last used Profile will be loaded any time you load your game or start a new one, ensuring that you spend less time configuring mods and more time playing the game. There are 10 Profile slots to switch between, and can be renamed.

    • This feature requires SkyUI and SKSE 1.7.3+ and is optional. This feature can be disabled.
    • Renaming profiles requires SkyUI 5.1+. SkyUI 4+ is supported, but you will not be able to rename profiles.
  • New Craftable: Rough Bedding - A simple pelt and hay for the player to sleep on. Requires only a single Cleaned Pelt, so the player can acquire this almost immediately. Has no lantern and affords no shelter in Frostfall or Last Seed, however.

  • "Talk To..." Option - When sitting or laying down in a tent or sitting near a fire, you can easily choose one of up to 3 tracked followers to talk to, even if they're too far away to select. Especially helpful for Immersive First Person View users since targeting followers in that mode can sometimes be very difficult.

  • Frostfall 3.0 and Last Seed Support - The stage has been set for this version of Campfire to support the next iteration of Frostfall, and Last Seed, when they are complete.


  • The minimum SKSE version has been increased to 1.7.3+. SKSE continues to be optional. But if you do use it, Campfire will expect this version or higher or certain features (Instincts, Settings Profiles) will not work.

  • Different kinds of tinder now have different chances of successfully lighting the fire. (Example: Dwarven Oil has a 100% chance in clear weather, but Canis Root might only have 55% chance. This means that, yes, there is now a chance of failing to light the fire.) Lighting a fire in bad weather is much more difficult than clear weather. The chance each tinder has of lighting the fire successfully is displayed when building the campfire. If the campfire fails to be lit, the tinder is lost, but any fuel will remain ready for you to try again.

  • Tinder items are now used directly as part of the campfire building process and are no longer a separate item. This should reduce the number of steps necessary to build a fire.

  • If a fire is put out because of a frost spell or shout, it must be rebuilt and relit using new tinder. You will be given any unused fuel items when you interact with the campfire again.

    • Pro tip: When camping a short time, it may make sense to put your fire out and reclaim the fuel before destroying it. It might mean time less searching for fuel later.
  • Camping equipment should now de-spawn when picked up much faster.

  • Removed the Dense Stone item and removed its use from all recipes. Stone Hatchets and Arrows can be crafted solely from wood components.

  • Stone Hatchets no longer break when used to harvest deadwood; instead, they gather much less deadwood per harvest than a Woodcutter's Axe.

  • Added a Tanning Rack recipe that uses Deadwood.

  • Added a Walking Stick recipe that uses Deadwood.

  • Gathering Branches now has a sound effect.

  • The sound effect volume when gathering Deadwood has been reduced.

  • The size of the Small Leather Tent and Small Fur Tent have been increased slightly (20%) in order to be more accommodating to NPCs.

  • The sitting distance between the player and NPCs at a campfire has been tightened. The player now always sits at the same location around a campfire. (For use with Immersive First Person View to talk to followers while seated around the campfire.)

Bug Fixes

  • Camping equipment items that were intended to be permanent in the world now spawn as persistent. (Tents, etc) This should mean that your tents should not risk disappearing if you leave them in a cell for a very long time and the cell resets.

  • Camping equipment should now be completely deleted immediately when picked up. Previously, it might have taken a very long time for objects to be deleted from the system after pickup.

  • Implemented a work-around for a case where using an ENB meant that the screen never truly fades to black in some cases, leading to being able to see certain things that were never intended to be visible.

  • Improved the laying down position of the player and their spouse (if present).

  • Fixed an issue where the bed roll of a small leather tent would clip out of the back of the tent.

  • Fixed a bug when placing a new campfire very close to the location of an old destroyed campfire.

  • Fixed a number of Papyrus log errors that could occur on start-up citing missing files. An error referencing FrostUtil will continue to appear if Frostfall 3.0 is not installed and is harmless and only appears once on start-up.

  • Followers activated when using a bed roll or sitting near a fire no longer immediately stand up when talked to.


  • Requiem: Fixed a glowing NPC effect issue when using Campfire's Follower Tracking feature.

  • Equipping Overhaul: Added an option in the MCM to enable a work-around to get rid of visual duplicate weapons when inside a tent. This is not official support from Campfire or Equipping Overhaul, and is disabled by default.


  • All strings now live either in the SkyUI MCM Translation files (skyrim/Data/Interface/Translations/Campfire_*.txt) or in the plug-in itself. There is a new CampfireStrings quest that holds some specific strings as script properties that can be modified for translation purposes if necessary.


  • For those of you that have asked me about better Inigo support: I have heard that 2.1 (which is supposed to be released soon) works great with Campfire. Please look for that soon from Smartbluecat!

Campfire 1.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • Removed all unnecessary edits from the plug-in. All remaining edits are intentional and necessary; do not clean the mod.

    • Removed a number of edits to Wood Chopping Block references.
    • Removed an edit to a Civil War trigger reference in Whiterun.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the White Backpack of Zenithar.

  • Added missing rabbit haunch recipe to flickering campfires and above.

  • Fixed several miscellaneous issues that could result in a placed object not returning the inventory item to the player when picked up.


  • The damage of stone arrows is now 7 (was 9).


  • Switched to using a form list to determine if a cooking pot is in the player's inventory instead of the actual item. Will improve mod compatibility.
  • Added iNeed waterskin compatibility; these waterskins will now display on your backpack if the waterskin is not empty.

Dev Kit

Campfire 1.0.1

  • Fixed texture path issue with Leather Tent inventory items.

Campfire 1.0

  • Initial release.
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