Frostfall Change Log

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A Hypothermia, Cold Water, and Camping Survival Mod For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Author: Chesko

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This changelog is mainly for posterity purposes. This mod has evolved a lot in the amount of time it's been in development. Read on only if you enjoy watching me change my mind many, many times.

Frostfall 3.4


  • (Special Edition) Exposure will now pause while you are in dialogue. This setting can be changed in Options: Frostfall. (This was historically an SKSE-only feature.)
  • The Throat of the World is no longer deadly due to cold.
  • Increased performance of the primary Exposure system.
  • Other general stability and performance improvements.


  • Improved compatibility with certain vampire mods like Vampiric Thirst.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the player's exposure would not rise above ~60%.
  • Fixed an issue where running up a steep incline could cause the controller to vibrate.
  • Fixed an issue where using the Immortal vampire setting would not make you immune to succumbing to frigid water.
  • Fixed several issues with the fireplaces of Conjured Shelters not working correctly.
  • Greatly reduced the number of events generated when getting hit, which should increase game stability in combat.
  • Fixed a recurring Papyrus log error when the exposure meter was above 80%.

Frostfall 3.3.1


  • First unified release of Frostfall on Classic Skyrim and Special Edition.
  • Re-added Bound Cloak spells and made their spell tomes and scrolls acquirable once again.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Added default compatibility for Immersive Armors.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) When equipping gear, the "grade" of the protection is now displayed alongside the number. (i.e. "Provides good warmth (140)and fair coverage (54).") This should help with comparing different sets of gear.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Inspect Equipment power was added.
  • Use this power to customize the protection of your equipment, and view the protection of your current gear.
  • Added support for mod authors to add injected keywords in order to provide default Frostfall protection for their gear. See this page for more info.
  • Added a tutorial for Warmth and Coverage.
  • Added a tutorial about the importance of shelter near your fire.


  • Removed C#-based installer on PC, in favor of a more standard XML FOMOD installer.
  • Endurance skill now progresses 25% faster.
  • Most of the "log" campfires found at existing campsites in the world now output more heat.
  • "Cloth" cloaks now grant 20 warmth and 20 coverage (up from 12 and 12).
  • The "Survival Skill" prefix was dropped from all of the unique powers that Frostfall adds.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where selecting "Quit to Main Menu" would crash the game to the desktop / Xbox One home screen.
  • Fixed a bug where waiting in a frigid environment or traveling to a cold environment (via Fast Travel, carriage, etc) could kill / incapacitate you.
  • Re-enabled the spell tomes for Conjured Shelter in the world, which were erroneously disabled after the release of 3.3.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Fixed an issue where equipment was no longer detected properly after disabling and re-enabling Frostfall in-game.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Disabling Full Screen Effects via Options: Frostfall will now also remove any existing full screen effects currently running.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Fixed numerous bugs related to the amount of protection that equipment grants.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Greatly increased how fast the system detects new worn clothing.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Improved the accuracy of the total Warmth and Coverage message.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Reduced how often the total Warmth and Coverage message appears.
  • Fixed a bug where a lit fireplace in POISnowy02 was not acting as a heat source.
  • (Special Edition) Fixed a bug where a flow shader was not being applied correctly outside of Riverwood.
  • (Special Edition / Fallback Mode) Fixed an issue where Frost Resistance was not affecting Warmth correctly.
  • Fixed several ITM errors.
  • Moved Frostfall's testing suite outside of the Frostfall plugin, in order to avoid erroneous tests from starting. (Seen as "Starting End to End Clothing Tests" message)

Frostfall 3.3 SE

  • Conjured Cloaks are temporarily unavailable due to some mesh issues I'm working through.
  • The Inspect Equipment ability (in order to modify the warmth and coverage of gear) needs a little more time in the oven.
  • Any features that relied on SkyUI, such as hotkeys, Settings Profiles, and the SkyUI Interface Add-On, are not available.
  • Everything else should be fully intact from the original Skyrim version. Enjoy!

Frostfall 3.2.1

Upgrade Instructions

Uninstall the previous version, install the new version, and load your save game. If you have Papyrus logging enabled, certain errors will appear on start-up. These errors should only appear once and can be safely ignored.

Features and Changes

Several changes were made using feedback following the release of 3.2.

General Changes

  • You will now only warm up when standing still. This will prevent the exposure meter from jumping around when running through towns with lots of small heat sources, like Windhelm and Whiterun.
  • The exposure limit inside Windhelm is now "freezing", making it far less deadly on the inside.
  • Dev Kit users: "Override" heat source markers now work when swimming, and prevent the player blacking out in frigid water.

Hand Warming Animations

  • Automatic hand warming animations have been re-added, as seen in Frostfall 3.1.1 and prior.
  • In the MCM, you can now select between Hand Warming Animation: Auto, Prompt, or Off. The default is Auto.
  • You must now be facing the heat source in order for the animation to play, or to be prompted to play it. This should greatly reduce the number of accidental animations. ("Large" heat sources don't have to be faced.)
  • Pressing the Sneak key to warm your hands was removed.
  • The fade-in tutorial prompt, "Press CTRL to warm your hands..." was removed.
  • When using Prompt mode, when facing a nearby heat source, you will be prompted on-screen to press the Use button to warm your hands. If you stop facing a heat source when using Prompt mode, the prompt will disappear.
  • You will be prompted to press the Use key to exit the animation in both modes.
  • You can now exit the animation much faster after it has begun.

Exposure Meter

  • When you enter the "warm" range, the meter's frame will now glow a soft red to indicate you are warm. As you get colder, it will "cool" back to its normal grey color before starting to fill up.

SkyUI 5.1 Add-On

  • Added base SkyUI translation file replacers for all languages. If you are a non-English user, you should no longer see $(variable names) along the bottom of the inventory screen. These files will need to be overridden with a translation of Frostfall, if you install one.

Frostfall SkyUI MCM

  • SkyUI MCM translation files are now included for all languages, but are in English. If you are a non-English user, you should no longer see $(variable names) in the place of MCM controls. These files will need to be overridden with a translation of Frostfall, if you install one.


  • Fixed an issue where Campfire was reported as not installed.
  • Removed the use of a problematic font.
  • Fixed an install path issue.
  • Removed the background graphics, which were causing the installer to not start for some users. Replaced it with ASCII art instead.

Frostfall 3.2

IMPORTANT: Please note that both Frostfall 3.2 and the SkyUI 5.1 Add-on are now included together in the same installer. You don't need to download them separately anymore!

Upgrade Instructions

Uninstall the previous version, install the new version, and load your save game. If you have Papyrus logging enabled, certain errors will appear on start-up. These errors should only appear once and can be safely ignored.

Features and Changes

  • New Exposure System - A new exposure system was introduced. This is the first major overhaul to the core exposure mechanic since Frostfall 1.0. It will hopefully make Frostfall's mechanics clearer, be more fun to play, allow more freedom, and make rain and wetness a more interesting mechanic in the southern Holds.

  • There is now an Exposure Limit. Instead of your exposure increasing without limit in most situations (with the only variation being rate of exposure), there is now a target value. Your exposure will increase or decrease toward this target value.

  • Once the limit is reached, your exposure will remain at that level until something changes; you have reached equilibrium with your surroundings. This means that, if the target in a rain shower is "chilly", you will eventually become chilly, but then have no risk of further penalties.

  • The exposure meter now shows the exposure limit as a glowing white line, which shifts up and down as the target changes. It was inspired by the "rally indicator" from Bloodborne.

  • The ambient temperature, the weather, the time of day, and wetness can increase the exposure limit.

  • Warmth from clothing and other effects, being near fire, and taking shelter can decrease the exposure limit.

  • Coverage from clothing makes severe weather less severe (by blocking the wind, rain, and snow) and also slows down how fast you get wet in the rain. This causes Coverage to have a significant impact on your exposure limit in bad weather.

  • Some areas, like the Pale, are so cold that the limit is always maximum exposure (death or incapacitate) regardless of the Warmth and Coverage of your clothing. You will still have to camp and build fires to survive in these areas.

  • Some areas, like Morthal and Markarth, are very cold during the day, but might be deadly frigid at night or in bad weather. It is still possible to collapse in these areas if the environment conspires against you.

  • Areas like Falkreath and the Rift remain fairly warm at most times. You can become very cold during rain showers or after swimming until you dry off. In general, it's not possible to collapse in these areas unless you venture up a snow-capped mountain.

  • Like in previous versions of Frostfall, Warmth reduces your rate of exposure at all times, and Coverage reduces your rate of exposure in severe weather.

  • Like in previous versions of Frostfall, it may not be possible to get completely warm in extremely cold conditions unless you are near a fire and are taking shelter. The amount your exposure will be reduced to is now represented by the target.

  • UI Improvements

  • (SkyUI 5.1 Add-On) Warmth and Coverage displayed on item cards no longer takes several seconds to load. It is now nearly instantaneous!

  • (SkyUI 5.1 Add-On) The total Warmth and Coverage values at the bottom of the inventory now show the warmth and coverage change if a piece of gear were equipped (just like armor) and now display correctly on 4:3 monitors.

  • Improvements to the Weathersense status messages were made. They now focus on plain, descriptive text first, instead of containing only numerical values. i.e.: "You are cold and damp.", "The air is chilly. You are getting colder." You can still turn on numerical values.

  • The description of the surrounding temperature also notes if you are getting warmer or colder, and what the exposure limit is. i.e.: "The air is frigid and deadly. You are getting colder. (Max: 100%)"

  • When warming up near a fire, if you reach the exposure limit, you are given an indication as to why the limit is what it is (i.e. no shelter, etc)

  • Hand Warming Animations

  • You can now warm your hands near fires by standing near them with your weapons sheathed and pressing the Sneak button. Press Sneak again in order to exit. Works on both keyboard and gamepad.

  • A new contextual help message will notify you of this change.

  • The animation will no longer play automatically.

  • Since you are now in control of the animation, this should fix issues some users experience with the animation never playing correctly, or playing too often and interrupting them.

  • Performance Improvements

  • Faster Equipment Checks - Calculating the Warmth and Coverage of a piece of equipment is one of the most complex things that Frostfall does. Frostfall now does this much, much faster.

  • General Performance Improvements - Performance was optimized when taking certain actions, such as equipping gear.

  • Other Changes

  • When starting a new game using the vanilla intro sequence, Frostfall's quest will not start until after you have exited Helgen Keep with Ralof or Hadvar.

  • If your exposure is high, reductions to your movement speed now happen instantly.

  • Movement speed penalties at high exposure no longer apply if you are in combat, in order to make frost magic against the player more balanced.

  • Forges are now "large" heat sources. You can be warmed by them from a larger distance.

  • Fur Armor variants are now renamed at start-up via script in order to give them unique names (which is required for the new armor detection system to work correctly). The renaming is via script and is not a conflicting change with other mods. The renaming is translation-compatible (see FrostfallStrings quest script properties).

  • If the temperature is low enough, you will no longer remove certain equipment when sitting / laying in tents regardless of your settings in Campfire.

  • Began laying some ground work for Frostfall: Console Edition, and for "fallback mode" on PC, which will not require SKSE or SkyUI.

  • Improved compatibility with mods that might utilize the ImmuneParalysis keyword.

  • Removed all machine translation from the mod. Translation of the mod is still supported by 3rd party translators, but out-of-the-box machine translation will no longer be provided due to repeated complaints.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which would prevent Warmth and Coverage of mod-added equipment from being calculated correctly if the mod that added it was in your load order above position 128.

  • Improved the accuracy of checking if the player is a vampire or the undead, or if they are transformed into a werewolf or vampire lord.

  • Fixed an issue where the Total Warmth / Coverage notification (when not using the SkyUI Add-On) was not displaying the correct information when swapping between full sets of gear.

  • Fixed an issue where large fur tents already in the world were not being counted as a warm shelter.

  • Fixed an issue where Frostfall could sometimes generate multiple quest journal entries.

  • Fixed a bug that would cause the "stare up at the stars" start method to not work if starting a new game using the vanilla intro sequence.

  • For modders: The CampfireHeatsourceOverrideNormal and CampfireHeatsourceOverrideWarm markers now function as intended, as described on

  • Fixed a bug where the Solitude lighthouse was not recognized as a heat source.

Frostfall 3.1

Upgrade Instructions Uninstall the previous version, install the new version, and load your save game. If you have Papyrus logging enabled, these errors are expected on start-up:

Features and Changes

  • Warmth and Coverage Customization

    • You can now customize the Warmth and Coverage of any piece of gear, including mod-added gear, in the Armor and Clothing page of the MCM.
    • You can now assign Warmth and Coverage to equipment that previously granted no benefit before, like mod-added scarves and fur collars.
    • You can add extra areas covered by a single piece of armor by going to that armor's entry in the MCM and selecting "Extra Parts...", and selecting an option like "This equipment also has a cloak." Useful for some multi-part or unseparated pieces of armor that already have a cloak or other parts built in, such as the Paladin Armor set in Immersive Armors. The extra part will have its own entry on the Armor and Clothing page. You can adjust the extra part's Warmth and Coverage as if it were a separate piece of equipment.
    • All of your custom armor settings are synced to your Settings Profile, so your settings will be persistent across all save games.
    • All worn equipment now has a Type. Frostfall will count one worn item of type Body, Head, Hands, Feet, and Cloak toward your total protection. All items of type Accessory contribute toward your total protection.
  • Complete Meter Customization - You can now adjust the position, size, opacity, color, and so on, of all on-screen meters.

  • You now dry off 3 times as fast if the weather is clear during daytime.

  • You can now get wet when walking in water, but not swimming. The depth you stand determines how wet you will get. You will only get wet if the water comes above your knees.

  • You can now get wet when swimming in water while on horseback.

  • The Vampire Mode setting "Immortal", was reintroduced. You will get a +100 Warmth bonus and immunity to frostbite (same as Supernatural setting), and you will no longer succumb to maximum exposure. You will, however, be subject to all of the normal penalties that come with each level of exposure.

  • Added a profile read / write test to Frostfall's start-up sequence. If you have a Windows file permission issue that would prevent you from saving your profile settings, Frostfall will alert you about it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the temperature could become "stuck" cold when venturing into a higher-altitude snowy mountain area (like Bleak Falls Barrow) and then walking back down to a lower altitude.

  • Fixed many bugs related to equipment categorization and detection, cloaks not receiving any protection ratings, and so on.

    • Keep in mind that if you use a Bashed patch / combined plug-in of equipment or cloak mods, Frostfall will still have no way to correctly detect the equipment. If you still have issues with this and are combining your plug-ins, please use the Armor and Clothing MCM page to reassign the correct values for your gear.
  • The way that Frostfall handles equipping many pieces of gear at once is now far more accurate. You should be able to use the SkyUI Group feature without having miscalculated Warmth and Coverage.

  • Fixed an issue where the most frigid water would restore the player's Stamina instead of draining it.

  • Fixed an issue where the player was not getting wet in the rain in some circumstances when using Wet and Cold.

  • Fixed an issue where the player's facial expression would be stuck scowling when playing as a vampire.

  • You can no longer start Frostfall when in the cart during the vanilla opening of the game.

Frostfall 3.0.3

Features and Changes

  • Added 20 new FrostUtil API functions. See Frostfall Dev Kit change log for more info.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to sleep in a conjured shelter with "Disable Waiting Outdoors" enabled.
  • Fixed an unbound property error on the Rescue System.

Frostfall 3.0.2

Features and Changes

  • Campfire 1.7 is now required.
  • Due to improvements in PapyrusUtil 3.2, Frostfall 3 now starts up in 5 seconds or less.
  • Conjured Shelter, Lesser and Conjured Shelter, Greater have been added back to Frostfall, and work consistently with all of Campfire's current features.
  • Conjured Shelters remain in the world for 24 hours before despawning. (Was 12 hours in Frostfall 2.6)
  • The rate at which Endurance skill is gained has been substantially reduced.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where using Complete Crafting Overhaul with one of the stand-alone cloak plug-ins (Cloaks of Skyrim, Winter is Coming, etc) would result in the cloaks from the stand-alone plug-in not receiving Warmth or Coverage values.

  • Fixed a bug where certain NPCs that were once your temporary followers could awaken with you at another location after being rescued.

  • Fixed a bug where the player could become stuck if succumbing to exposure while on horseback and "Rescue" is selected.

  • Fixed a bug where the Bound Cloaks could be disenchanted.

  • Fixed a bug where the player's debuffs would wear off at exactly 100 Exposure if "Nothing" was selected for Max Exposure.

  • Fixed an issue when using Frostfall 3 with Requiem that caused a swirling magical effect to play on the player under certain conditions.

  • Fixed a bug where the player would be freezing when they arrived after fast travelling to a cold area.

  • Fixed a bug where the player would be freezing when they arrived after taking a carriage to a cold area.

  • Fixed a bug where the player's exposure and wetness was not properly reduced following fast travel.

  • Fixed a bug where the player's exposure would continue to increase when riding the boat to Solstheim.

  • Fixed a bug where the message "You can't seem to get any warmer / your shelter prevents you from getting colder" was playing more often than intended.

  • Fixed a bug where the temperature meter would become stuck if the "Always On" setting was used.

  • Fixed a bug where the temperature meter could lose its color periodically. It is now always a fixed color; the meter's range is now the sole indicator of temperature.

  • Fixed a bug where a certain skeleton would provide the player with an infinite number of the "Kindle" spell tome after killing it.

  • Fixed a bug where full screen effects from the base game and other mods were being cancelled by Frostfall.

Frostfall 3.0.1


  • Campfire 1.5.2 is now required.
  • Removed PapyrusUtil files. Since they are included in Campfire, they don't need to be included in Frostfall.
  • (SkyUI Add-On) When viewing an item that is not intended to provide Warmth and Coverage, the item card now displays "--" for those values.
  • When equipping an item without the SkyUI Add-On installed, if that item is not intended to provide Warmth and Coverage, the notification will display "N/A" for those values.
  • Added a message, "The feeling of warmth from your drink/spell has worn off." when the effects of your alcohol or your Soothe spell finishes, to make it clear why you suddenly gained exposure.
  • Removed the "1st Person Player Anims Allowed" setting. Using it caused several errors related to not being able to move and teleporting to other areas when near heat sources.
  • Added a note that "This setting make take up to 5 seconds to take effect" to Disable Fast Travel and Disable Waiting Outdoors.

Bug Fixes

  • Smelters should now register as heat sources.
  • Campfires found in Giant camps should now register as heat sources.
  • Fixed a bug wherein the player would sometimes teleport to another area when near a heat source.
  • Fixed a bug where Vampiric Thirst's "Feed" ability would not work when Frostfall was enabled.
  • Fixed several bugs related to Foxskin, Wolfskin, and Bearskin applying erroneous casting perks to the player. not using the right perks, or showing up as "Novice" in-game.
  • Fixed several bugs where certain settings were not being saved to the user's profile correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting "Condition Messages" and "Weather Messages" in the MCM would do nothing.
  • Added missing Snowberry Extract textures.
  • Fixed a papyrus log error in the Clothing system.
  • Fixed a minor error in the way exposure was displayed in the MCM.

Frostfall 3.0

For upgrade and install instructions, please see the Quickstart Guide. Features

  • Performance - Substantially enhanced performance.

  • UI Features - Your equipment's protection values can now display right on the item card in the menu. See UI under Changes, below.

  • Endurance Skill Tree - A new stand-alone perk tree centered around cold weather survival. Earn points by traveling and spending time in the cold or in bad weather. (Time near a fire, inside a tent, or underneath shelter does not contribute towards Endurance. It is based on time spent only; losing more exposure will not increase the skill faster.) From any campfire you create, select Skills and navigate to the Endurance tree.

  • Settings Profiles - Your Frostfall mod settings can now be automatically saved to a Profile. Settings Profiles are written to a file, and persist across saves, loads, characters, and new games. If enabled, any settings changes you make (including customizing the protection values of your equipment) are automatically saved to your current Profile, and your last used Profile will be loaded any time you load your game or start a new one, ensuring that you spend less time configuring mods and more time playing the game. There are 10 Profile slots to switch between, and can be renamed.

    • This feature can be disabled.
    • Renaming profiles requires SkyUI 5.1+. SkyUI 4+ is supported, but you will not be able to rename profiles.
  • Streamlined Mechanics - The way Frostfall works is now much more straightforward. All protection from exposure and rain is now represented as Warmth or Coverage. See Changes, below.

  • Compatibility - Compatible with the latest versions of Immersive Armors, Wet and Cold, Climates of Tamriel, and more.


There are extensive changes between Frostfall 2.6 and Frostfall 3.0 / Campfire 1.x. For a more focused list of important changes, please see the Frostfall 3 Primer.

All of the camping components of Frostfall were moved into Campfire. The changes to the camping system will not be covered below. However, please note that the way campfires are built has changed significantly from Frostfall 2.6. See the Campfire documentation for details on the new campfire building system.


  • Frostfall now requires Campfire, SKSE 1.7.3+, and SkyUI 4.1+.
  • Nearly all of Frostfall's scripts have been rewritten from scratch with performance in mind.
  • Frostfall's architecture has been completely redesigned in order to allow many parts of the system to run simultaneously. This means that the main exposure script now runs in tenths of a second instead of several seconds.
  • As part of the above, the "your script system is running too slowly" error message has been entirely removed.


  • Exposure Protection is now called Warmth.
  • Exposure Resistance has been removed. Many of the things that granted Exposure Resistance, like torches and soups, now grant Warmth instead.
  • Frost Resistance, which was part of the exposure calculation but granted neither Exposure Protection nor Exposure Resistance, now simply provides a small bonus to Warmth. This bonus is displayed in the Active Effects menu.
  • A new attribute, Coverage, was added to all worn equipment. Coverage determines how quickly you get wet in the rain, and also reduces the exposure rate in bad and severe weather. It effectively helps increase the temperature during bad weather to more normal levels by cutting the wind chill.
  • All worn gear in the head, body, hands, and feet slots grant Warmth and Coverage. (Exception: circlets, jewelry, etc)
  • Cloaks no longer grant a "rain resistance" bonus and now simply grant Warmth and Coverage like other gear. Since all worn gear grants some Coverage, the need to wear a cloak to protect against the rain has been greatly reduced depending on your gear choices.
  • Shields grant a small amount of Coverage.
  • Inspect Equipment has been removed. It will be possible to change the Warmth and Coverage value of any piece of equipment through the Mod Configuration Menu in the next version (Frostfall 3.1).
  • Being wet now grants a bonus to fire resistance, but also grants a weakness to shock.
  • Being hit with a flame spell now dries you off.
  • Being hit with a flame spell now decreases exposure slightly, down to a limit.
  • Being hit with a frost spell now increases exposure slightly, up to a limit.
  • Adaptation, a benefit in Frostfall 2.6 that granted extra Exposure Resistance as you leveled up, has been removed. There is now an Adaptation perk in the Endurance skill tree which grants additional Warmth for each rank purchased.
  • All of the SkyRe Wayfarer perks added by an optional plug-in for SkyRe have been folded into Frostfall 3.0's Endurance skill tree. Do not use the Frostfall Wayfarer plug-in with Frostfall 3.0.
  • The player can now seldomly gain Frostbite when reaching Freezing exposure or below when in low temperature areas while not wearing equipment in a main slot; head, body, hands, feet. Frostbite takes real-time minutes to wear off and cannot be cured by standing near fires. You can gain Frostbite on any (or all) of the 4 above mentioned areas, with appropriate penalties (Example: "Frostbite (Feet)" grants a penalty to sneak and movement speed.)
  • Vampires are no longer immune to Exposure. By default, they are immune to all forms of Frostbite and have a passive +100 Warmth bonus.
  • Woodcutter's Axe durability has been removed, in part due to the new way that fires are created in Campfire.
  • Exposure now decreases slowly when indoors. This prevents the player becoming stuck at a cold location with no way to recover before they leave.
  • High exposure will no longer prevent you from searching for wood.
  • The "Will to Survive" benefit when traveling with a follower was removed.
  • "Transmute Wood" now transmutes branches to deadwood, and deadwood to firewood, if the caster is carrying any.
  • "Kindle" now works equally well no matter the weather conditions.


  • Many settings have been moved to Campfire's configuration system. See Campfire for more details.
  • "Presets" (Lite, Classic, Hardcore) have been removed. The mod continues to be fully configurable, and Settings Profiles make keeping the settings you have much simpler.
  • A single setting, "At Max Exposure:" allows selection between "Rescue", "Death", and "Nothing". This streamlines the "Max Exposure is Lethal" and the rescue toggle / rescue percentage chance settings. The default setting is now "Rescue".
  • The W.E.A.R. system is no longer an optional feature; its successor (the Warmth and Coverage system) is now the new and only armor system in Frostfall. Since Warmth and Coverage is clearly communicated for each piece of equipment, a separate, simpler system was felt to be unnecessary.
  • "Vampire Immunity to Exposure" has been removed. It has been replaced by "Treat Vampires Like Mortals", enabling it causes Vampires to be treated like any other normal race (without the Warmth bonus and Frostbite immunity).
    • If you want a Frostfall 2.6-like immunity to exposure as a Vampire in Frostfall 3.0, simply disable the exposure system when you become a Vampire.
  • "Axe Required to Fast Travel" has been removed. You can now simply enable and disable Fast Travel.
  • You can configure the Warmth and Coverage of any worn piece of gear through the MCM. This replaces the Inspect Equipment ability. Your Warmth and Coverage customizations are saved to your Settings Profile.


  • Warmth and Coverage now display on armor's item card in the inventory menu, if using the optional SkyUI 5.0+ menu add-on.
  • Warmth Rating and Coverage for the player now display on the bottom bar of the inventory menu, if using the optional SkyUI 5.0+ menu add-on.
  • The Wetness meter is now a smaller sub-meter underneath the Exposure meter.
  • The Weathersense indicator is now a meter similar in design to the Weapon Charge meters. The meter now ranges from full (very warm temperatures) to almost empty (very cold temperatures), with the color changing appropriately. This more clearly communicates the current temperature across a range, and improves ease of use for colorblind players.
  • A new System page was added to the Mod Configuration Menu. You can view the health of all of Frostfall's systems and modify the Papyrus debug logging amount.
  • The Status screen has been removed. Important data is now available in-game or in the Mod Configuration Menu.
  • The Ranks screen has been removed.

Bug Fixes

  • The movement penalty when Freezing and Freezing to Death now take effect immediately more often.
  • Fixed an issue where the player's position in Wyrmstooth was being miscalculated.
  • Fixed an issue where the player character or followers very near the player may play a swirling visual effect when using Requiem.
  • Bound cloaks can now be unequipped from the inventory in order to dispel them, as their effect description notes.

Frostfall 2.6


  • Certain new features are added when traveling with at least one follower (see below). Confirmed compatibility: Vanilla Followers AFT Followers EFF Followers DLC Followers (Serana, etc) Companions Most custom followers (Arissa, Vilja, etc)

  • When traveling with at least one follower, you are granted the Will To Survive effect, which grants an extra 5% Exposure Resistance. Note: there is no benefit granted for traveling with more than one follower.

  • When traveling with at least one follower, you harvest an additional 2 firewood or an additional 2 to 4 deadwood. You will find dense stones 15% more often.

  • Followers will now attempt to use nearby bedrolls when the player is sitting or lying down inside a tent (up to 3 followers in the largest tent). This is purely an immersion feature and imparts no benefit.

  • Followers will warm their hands near fires when you are warming up.

  • Rescue: When succumbing to exposure, you can now be rescued by your followers, your pet, hunters, or random passersby. There are over 50 areas across Skyrim, the Forgotten Vale, and Solstheim you could end up after succumbing to exposure. In general, traveling with a follower or pet will result in being taken to the nearest safe place after collapsing. If being rescued while traveling alone, you may end up halfway across Skyrim!

  • The Rescue Chance when traveling Alone or with a Follower / Pet can be adjusted separately via the MCM or via the Configuration spell.

  • There is now a 2-bedroll version of the Small Fur Tent.

  • Added default support for the following new armors from Immersive Armors v7: Barbarian Hero: Limited protection Snow Bear: Full protection, integrated fur cloak Stormlord: Full protection, integrated fur cloak Trollsbane: Full protection, integrated fur cloak


  • You now have a 20% chance of recovering a Dense Stone when searching for Deadwood (was 15%).
  • Stone Arrows are now crafted using Dense Stone Fragments, which are acquired by using Survival Skills on a Dense Stone, or by harvesting wood using a Stone Hatchet.
  • The Wood Harvesting Cutscene has been removed.
  • The world object that spawned when harvesting wood has been removed. Wood is now deposited directly into the player's inventory.
  • As it is no longer required, a modified version of the vanilla script CarryFurnitureScript.pex/psc is no longer included with the mod.
  • Hotkeys can now be set even if there is a conflicting hotkey.
  • The Walking Stick can no longer be enchanted or disenchanted.
  • The Walking Stick's damage was reduced to 4.
  • Implemented new normal maps for backpack by uncheat
  • Added a Cleaned Pelts to Leather crafting recipe.
  • The player should now remove their helmet and boots more often in tents.


  • Frostfall now checks for ActorTypeDragon on the player's race. If detected, the player will be immune to exposure. This was to facilitate custom races that should be immune to exposure, either temporarily or permanently (player does not necessarily need to "be" a dragon, but the custom race must implement the ActorTypeDragon keyword).


  • Fixed an issue where the player may become cold while sleeping inside their home or other areas.
  • Fixed an issue where the player had to re-enable Fast Travel near the Black Book: Winds of Change. Fast Travel is now automatically enabled around Black Books.
  • Fixed an issue where hot keys could activate while the player was in other menus.
  • Fixed an issue where swimming before the mod was activated would result in papyrus log errors.
  • Fixed an issue where using mods that edit armors to use Slot 52 would cause Inspect Equipment to no longer work.
  • Fixed an issue where equipment in slot 47 was not being filtered properly when SKSE was also installed. This caused an issue with the West Wind Misfit Mage outfit's pouch being registered as a glove.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Comfortable" state would make the Stamina value in the Skills menu to display green, even though it was not modified.
  • Fixed typo in Survivor's Guide.
  • Removed some erroneous papyrus messages.
  • Cleaned two erroneous edits to spell scrolls from the ESP.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would sometimes try to use the player's bedroll.
  • Fixed an issue where "Meters Only" configuration option would cause no indicators to display when using the Weathersense spell.

Known Issues (will not be fixed):

  • Casting a bound cloak does not clear the magic effect of an already cast bound cloak.

  • Due to some campfires having "Enable State Parents", some campfires may not be able to be lit in the world successfully, may not emit heat when lit, and may create a small number of papyrus log errors when the player is near them. Thankfully, this applies to a very small number of campfires.

Frostfall 2.5 Change Log


  • I have put together a new suite of spells for mages that feel balanced, lore-friendly, and help you cope with the cold in unique ways while still managing to make you feel more powerful in some ways than your spell-less brethren. The link above summarizes the spells pretty well. Click each one to learn a bit more about how it works. Most of them should feel pretty natural and self-explanatory.

  • SkyUI: Exposure meter (right) and Wetness meter (left). The exposure meter turns a fiery red when "warm". It depletes to 0 and then climbs back up again in the icy color as your exposure increases. There is a very wide variety of display configuration options available; have fun turning all of the different knobs available.

  • SkyUI: New Weathersense Gem indicator; appears at the top of the screen by default. It will change colors depending on the surrounding temperature, so no need to continuously use a power to check it. See this page for details on what each color means.

  • SkyUI: New Exposure Protection indicator in the inventory menu.

  • Unlit campfires in Skyrim can now be lit with a torch or flame spell or shout, and behave similarly to all other Frostfall campfires. Frostfall is now strictly incompatible with Dynamic Fires by Woodbyte. (Sneak Tools by Borgut1337 seems to be fully compatible.) You cannot put out fires that are already lit in the world. Lit Giant campfires will burn as long as you are near them.

  • If you are carrying a waterskin with water in it from IMCN or RND, it will now display on your Frostfall backpack.

  • You can now make a campfire with 10 Ruined Books (either type, in varying amounts). It shows an appropriate graphic of a pile of burning books.

  • The Survivor's Guide now has a new custom book cover by Doccdr and DanielCoffey of Book Covers Skyrim fame.

  • Fallen trees, driftwood found on the northern coast (and other places), and dead trees on Whiterun's tundra can now be harvested for deadwood when using Harvest Wood.

  • You can now harvest wood while in interiors. This change, combined with the change above, makes it possible to put together a deadwood campfire in places like Bleakcoast Cave, an interior with fallen limbs inside.

Regarding Immersive HUD (iHUD) Compatibility

Whether or not the new Frostfall meters will work when using iHUD is directly related to your iHUD settings regarding when the HUD displays. If you hide the HUD using iHUD, you hide the meters with it.

You have a couple of options:

  • Set your meters in Frostfall to Always On and set your HUD in iHUD to toggle ("Toggle compass hotkey"). You will see the meters whenever you press the "compass" hotkey in iHUD.

  • Set your HUD in iHUD to "SkyUI HUD ALWAYS On", and set your meters in Frostfall to Always On or Contextual. They should appear as appropriate. You can then set other iHUD parameters to your liking (alpha value of the compass, etc).

But the main point is that if you allow iHUD to hide the HUD, you hide the meters along with it, so play around with the settings on both sides and find a solution you think works best. Different people are trying to achieve different things with their HUD modifications so your needs will be unique to your personal tastes.


  • When talking to Alvor or Gerdur in Riverwood after Alduin's attack on Helgen, when asking regarding "Do you have any supplies I could take?", they now have a burlap travel cloak, a small leather tent, and a pair of fur boots you can take.

  • Many of the spell tomes for the new spells added by Frostfall were hand-placed in various locations all over Skyrim. A small number were placed in dungeons, but the majority were placed at unmarked points of interest across Tamriel. See the spell page for details.

  • All of the spell tomes are now available for purchase from appropriate mages across Skyrim, assuming your skill level is high enough for them to become available for purchase. See the spell page for details.

  • Most of the spell tomes should now appear in random leveled loot depending on the spell's skill level. See the spell page for details.

  • Scroll equivalents were added for every spell (with the exception of Transmute Wood), and will be found randomly where scrolls are normally found.

  • Various pieces of camping equipment are now available for purchase from general goods vendors across Skyrim. The website will be updated soon with details on what can be purchased, and where.

  • The Survivor's Guide to Skyrim can be purchased at Birna's Oddments in Winterhold and Gray Pine Goods in Falkreath.

  • 5 new loading screens have been added related to Frostfall-added spells.

None of the changes regarding adding items or spells for purchase or in leveled loot lists involved "hard" edits to Leveled Lists. Any Leveled List edits are managed via script so the incompatibility footprint of leveled list edits and vendor merchandise is still zero.


  • Dragonborn: You can no longer pitch tents and other camping equipment within Raven Rock's walls.

  • Improved the distance that cooking pots, tents, and campfires glow when being placed near heat sources / tents.

  • Frostfall's start-up quest prompt has been made more obvious (it is now classified as a Side Quest instead of a Misc Quest, so you will see "STARTED: FROSTFALL"), and the wording of the objective has been made shorter ("Reflect on cold weather survival. (See Quest Journal for details)" ). All possible instructions for starting Frostfall now appear in the Quest Journal.

  • Stone arrows no longer have value.

  • Since Last Seed has been postponed indefinitely, references to the Skyrim Survivor Series has been removed.

  • CarryFurnitureScript.pex and CarryFurnitureScript.psc (two vanilla Skyrim script files that Frostfall edits) are now packaged in the BSA archive for all users, to avoid overwriting the original loose script files on the user's system (if any).

  • Lanterns in tents are now a bit dimmer.

  • Improved the way temperatures work when snowing, which should prevent some areas from registering as "temperate" or warmer even though they shouldn't be.

  • Exposure reduced when feeding as a werewolf increased from 10 to 15.

  • Added machine translation for all new interface options included in Frostfall 2.5 for all supported languages.

  • The rate at which a tent will warm you without a campfire has been halved.

  • Added WeapTypeWarAxe and WeapMaterialIron keywords to the woodcutter's axe variants, for better support by the SkyRe ReProccer.

  • You can no longer pick up camping equipment that someone else is using (because it can result in that NPC becoming stuck that way).

  • The Status screen now clearly states when you are warm, and also displays the Exposure Protection bonus of spells, if any.

  • Vampires no longer dry off immediately (to facilitate the use of the Vapor Blast spell).

  • How much you dry off, warm up, or cool down when using the Wait or Sleep functions has been adjusted.

  • Using the Survival Skills hotkey from SkyUI while transformed into a Werewolf or a Vampire Lord will bring up the Player Status screen instead, to prevent being able to craft items or gather wood while in this state (which was never intended).

  • The western section of Wyrmstooth should now have temperatures equivalent to a slightly colder version of Whiterun.

  • Game objects and mesh/texture assets related to an unreleased backpack have been removed. This may result in papyrus log errors once on start-up when upgrading from Frostfall 2.4a, but are harmless.

  • Game objects related to old versions of unused spells and other objects have been removed. This may result in papyrus log errors once on start-up when upgrading from Frostfall 2.4a, but are harmless.

  • 27 old menus that date back to Frostfall 1.0 that were no longer being used have been deleted. This may result in papyrus log errors once on start-up when upgrading from Frostfall 2.4a, but are harmless.

  • The Player Status tip regarding the Woodcutter's Axe will no longer display if you have the Transmute Wood spell. Your Survival Rank will also be as expected.


  • Now checking whether or not a waterfall is Disabled before making the player drenched.

  • The handwarming animation now plays appropriately near Giant campfires.

  • Harvesting deadwood or firewood (without the cinematic) no longer moves the player backwards. It now places the wood pile a few feet in front of where the player is standing (to prevent accidentally pushing the player through the world or into an object).

  • The Archmage's Robes now correctly provide a body and head Exposure Protection benefit instead of just body.

  • Removed a check from Survival Skills that could give it the appearance of suddenly not working any longer.

  • Removed the combat check for the handwarming animation, which should cause it to play more reliably.

  • Fixed a bug with an internal variable for the handwarming animation, which should cause it to play more reliably.

  • Fixed an issue where waiting for 1 hour in very cold places was never causing the intended effects to occur (2+ hours was required).

  • Fixed a bug where areas surrounding Lake Illinalta were showing up as bone-chilling when they should not have been.

  • Fixed a bug where using Disable Waiting Outdoors while a Werewolf or while playing with a mod that disables health regeneration would constantly display the player's health meter.

  • Werewolves now reduce their exposure by 20 when transforming like they're supposed to.

  • Fixed an issue where werewolves could not get wet from swimming.

  • Fixed an issue where transforming into a werewolf would prevent you from being able to get wet (and sometimes being able to dry off) after transforming back into a human until you reload the game.

  • Fixed an issue where the Player Status screen would not show the correct amount of Exposure Protection (600) when transformed into a Werewolf or Vampire Lord. This is just a display issue; you are receiving the correct amount of EP in Frostfall 2.4a.

  • The loading screen with the walking stick now has the correct (new) walking stick mesh.

  • Fixed a minor issue where, if using one of the magic lifts from Dragonborn or using TCL to move directly upwards, the player could be affected in the Active Effects GUI with a "Shelter Detect Beam" effect, which was never supposed to be visible.

  • Fixed a bug where, if a SkyUI hotkey was set for Weathersense or Survival Skills, and the user uninstalled SkyUI, the powers with hotkeys set would not return.

  • Fixed a bug where shutting down Frostfall using the legacy menu system would generate a lot of needless Papyrus log errors.

  • Fixed a bug where the player would appear Wet when starting Frostfall for the first time.

  • Fixed a bug where not all context tutorials were being reset when selecting Reset Tutorials in the configuration system.

Frostfall 2.4a Change Log


  • The helmet, hoods, cuirass, boots, and gauntlets of Aesir Armor have been given Full protection by default. The cloaks should now be recognized as fur.


  • Weathersense and Survival Skills are now hidden from the Powers menu if hotkeys have been set. They will return if you reset (default) the hotkey.
  • You can now un-set the hotkeys by pressing the Default key.
  • Braziers of burning embers have been added to several areas inside the Thalmor Embassy walls.
  • Several bowls of burning embers have been added to the top of the Throat of the World, and an invisible heat source has been placed under the ground where the player stands during the flashback sequence and where the player is likely to talk to Parthunaax.
  • An abandoned campsite with a burning campfire has been added near the rock where Delphine stops to watch the Sahloknir event.
  • "Hide Tents" have been renamed "Fur Tents" in order to make their purpose and attributes clearer.
  • Changed help references from "Hide Tent" to "Fur Tent".


  • Fixed a bug where vampires with Vampire Immunity turned on would continuously play the warm up animations.
  • Deepwood Vale is now recognized as an outdoor cold area.
  • The hotkeys should no longer fire if the console is open.
  • Fast Travel should now be enabled when riding a flying mount under all circumstances.
  • You should now no longer see a woodcutter's axe equipped to your backpack or to your body when chopping firewood at a wood chopping block. It should reappear when you are finished.
  • Fixed a bug wherein a message, "Without shelter to trap the warmth, the heat is faint." was never displaying. This led some to believe that the exposure system was no longer working under certain circumstances (for instance, fire without shelter while in snow does not provide any benefit above exposure -50).

Frostfall 2.3 Change Log


  • Tent Cut-Through View: See your character and the inside of your tent from any angle. Press "Toggle View" while sitting or lying down to turn this on and off. Your setting will be remembered. It turns itself off when you exit the tent.

  • (SKSE Only) Hand Warming Animations (Again): Totally rewritten. You should automatically warm your hands when near a heat source. Press a movement key to end the animation. CONTROLLER USERS: Press "attack", "jump", or "ready weapon" to break out of the animation. There is currently no way to detect analog joystick input yet. If you have a shield equipped, you will stand with your head down and your shield in front of your body. There are a lot of situational checks to make sure that it's OK to play the animation; otherwise, it could play at a bad time, which would stop your character and play the animation when you don't want it to. You must:

    • have SKSE installed.
    • be somewhat cold. The animation stops playing when you reach +20 exposure.
    • not be in combat.
    • be rather close to the fire. You can be warmed by a fire farther away than the animation will play. Get close to it.
    • not be swimming, jumping, or moving (your last movement event must be 6 seconds or longer ago).
    • not be mounted, or riding a flying mount.
    • not have a torch equipped. A shield is fine.
    • be in 3rd Person View.
    • have your weapons sheathed.
    • not be in dialogue with an NPC.
    • not be sitting, crafting, or otherwise playing another animation.

If it seems like you aren't warming your hands when you think you should be, make sure that you're not getting tripped up by one of the above conditions. If it still doesn't work and you think it should, let me know. I have added some special debug messages you can turn on in order to help me figure out what went wrong.

  • Walking Stick Improvements: The walking stick has been improved. It now improves your movement speed by 10% when it is held (unsheathed) in your right hand, while on foot, while outdoors. Its damage has been slightly increased. It can now be tempered using 2x Leather Strips. Its model has been modified to show new strap details.

  • Gauntlets now display in tents.


  • (SKSE Only) Worn equipment is now filtered based on the slot mask as well as key words. This is a much more intelligent method of determining whether or not something is valid gear for the purposes of Frostfall. This will fix the "Bandoliers showing up as gloves" problem across any version of Bandoliers you may use, as well as other mods that may have had an issue with this. If you want Frostfall and Bandoliers to play nicely with each other, you must use SKSE.
  • Removed the "Wait" and "Wait Until" options from tents. It was causing a lot of issues and the implementation of this feature was flawed to begin with. Use the conventional wait system instead (press T).
  • Tents pitched inside buildings (dungeons, caves, etc) will now only place the bed rolls and other ground clutter. The walking stick posted at the front does not display and the shield lies on the ground instead.
  • Nightingale Armor now grants a Hide Cloak bonus.
  • Vampire Royal Armor now grants a Hide Cloak bonus.
  • Dead trees on the Whiterun tundra can now be harvested for wood.
  • Stone Arrows now deal 9 damage, which is 1 above Iron Arrows, and 1 less than Steel Arrows.
  • The naming convention for cloaks and backpacks has been changed back to the old system of using commas (Backpack, Brown Fur / Travel Cloak, Linen / etc). If you would like for Frostfall to be compatible with Categorized Favorites Menu, instructions and a sample configuration file have been provided on the Compatibility page.
  • Swimming is detected in a new, and much more accurate, way. There should be no more instances of "you can't do that while swimming" when you're clearly not swimming.
  • The way that waiting and sleeping affects exposure under a variety of circumstances was tweaked across the board.
  • The price and weight of all tents was adjusted. Leather tents now weigh far less than their Hide counterparts, with Small Leather tents coming in at a svelte 6lbs
  • Added a new warning prompt if the Advanced Placement system detects a problem, and prompts you to fall back to the simple placement mode.
  • Added a new tutorial message about shelter when entering a tent for the first time.
  • You can now temper the Fur Gauntlets and Fur Boots crafted using Survival Skills.
  • Your exposure protection while a Werewolf has been increased to 600 (was 300).
  • Added support for the new cloaks added by Cloaks of Skyrim and Wet and Cold.
  • A keyword (FrostfallBackpack) was added to Frostfall's backpacks, for use by other mods for compatibility purposes.
  • The inside of inns are ambiently warm; everywhere inside an inn is like being near a fire. Feel free to move about.
  • Smelters are now recognized as heat sources.
  • The shiny skin effect from being wet now disappears faster when you have dried off.


  • Fixed a critical issue: The enchantment charge of some weapons could be depleted under certain circumstances when entering a tent.
  • Fixed a critical issue: Your eyes should no longer be stuck closed after lying down in a tent. The lying down animation has been switched to a different one in order to prevent this from occurring.
  • Fixed a critical issue: Selecting "Lie Down" in a tent while on the Dark Brotherhood entrance quest will now immediately bring up the Sleep menu, instead of allowing you to lie down in your tent. If the player is not in a normal animation state (standing up) when this event occurs (sleeping), it can cause the game to become unplayable.
  • Fixed a critical issue: Selecting "Lie Down" in a tent while on Solstheim during a certain portion of the Dragonborn main quest will now immediately bring up the Sleep menu, instead of allowing you to lie down in your tent. If the player is not in a normal animation state (standing up) when this event occurs (sleeping), it can cause the game to become unplayable.
  • Fixed a critical issue: Fixed a bug related to being unable to return to Solstheim from Apocrypha with Fast Travel disabled by Frostfall. Frostfall now enables Fast Travel whenever you are on a plane of Oblivion.
  • Hotkey settings should no longer be forgotten after you load your game.
  • Fixed an issue where the Frostfall-added Travel Cloaks could not be recognized by the WEAR system under certain conditions.
  • The translation files for the SkyUI MCM are now packaged in the BSA archive to avoid a repeat occurrence of the Nexus Mod Manager 0.44.3 bug.
  • Added a check that should prevent camping equipment from sometimes dropping through the floor in some interior spaces.
  • Snow and ash accumulation on tents should now work better in general. It is updated when the tent is placed and when you sleep.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to tent object positioning.
  • Fixed an issue where a rare weather occurrence in the Soul Cairn could make the player wet.
  • Added a check to suppress erroneous messages stating "Without shelter, the heat is faint" when shelter is clearly being used.
  • Fixed an issue where sitting or lying down in tents was erroneously not preventing you from entering first-person mode.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Open Cities. The interior of Solitude should no longer be "frigid and deadly". The surrounding territory should still be quite chilly.
  • Fixed an issue where hot keys would still activate even if the mod was shut down.
  • Fixed an issue where the player alias was being reset every time the game was loaded. This was causing several important scripts to re-initialize every time the game loads, and potentially erases stored and detected equipment WEAR values (cloaks, armor, etc).
  • You should no longer wake up freezing when sleeping in an inn.
  • Fixed an issue where the Small Leather Tent with 2x Bed Rolls was not blocking rain correctly.


  • Sometimes, NPCs will give you back a duplicate camping item when you drop it. I have no way to fix this.
  • Khajiit sometimes have an overly shiny tail when they get out of the water. This is an unfortunate interaction with the wetness membrane shader. Since it looks so good the rest of the time on all other races, I won't be changing it.
  • I will not be adding support for the following mods, because they are too divergent from Frostfall's intended gameplay: Tropical Skyrim, Blaze of Eventide. They're both great mods, but they fall outside of Frostfall's intended scope.


  • 2 reports of the Italian version of the SkyUI MCM having a string replacement error on one of the entries. If you still see this issue in the future, please let me know.
  • 2 reports of Dimhollow Cave was reported as not being registered as an interior. If you still see this issue in the future, please let me know.
  • 1 report of the graphics for bows placed inside your tent may not get removed when you stand up. If you see this, let me know, and please be able to reproduce it.
  • 1 report of "Placement Help" in the legacy menu system kicking them out of the menu system.
  • 1 report of fire sound effects still playing after the campfire was destroyed.
  • 1 report of being able to activate and pack up your tent while you were still sitting or lying in the tent. In hundreds of tests I never saw this.

Frostfall 2.2b Change Log


  • The Vampire Immunity setting was backwards.
  • Planes of Oblivion should now be recognized as "warm" to prevent exposure gain in these areas.
  • Fixed a minor typo in the Survivor's Guide.
  • Fixed issue where the player could gain exposure while pathing to the pile of firewood during the wood harvesting cutscene. You should pay the "flat fee" of 0, 10, 15, or 20 exposure depending on the temperature, but no more until you regain control of your character, as was originally intended.

Frostfall 2.2a Change Log


  • A set of scripts that control the way ground slope is calculated were mistakenly not included in 2.2. They are being included now. This should take care of the placement issues that cropped up in 2.2.
  • Fixed an issue with the Vampirism check.
  • Extended the radius from a heat source the hand warming animation will play slightly. Removed the combat check, which should make this work much more often. There may still be an as-of-yet unidentified incompatibility that I will need to find.
  • Improved the way full screen effects are removed under different circumstances.

Frostfall 2.2 Change Log


  • Sleeping in a tent in Solstheim would result in floating back to your tent after something story-related happens.
  • Campfires, forges, and so on found on Solstheim should now act as heat sources. If you find anything that you think should provide heat but does not, let me know.
  • All enchanted armor from loot now has proper exposure protection values applied. This change should be retroactive if you use W.E.A.R. right now.
  • Solstheim now has the intended temperatures. The south is moderately warm. The north is very, very cold.
  • Other worldspaces in this DLC now have the intended temperature.
  • You can now harvest wood from trees on Solstheim.
  • Ash storms are now recognized by the weather system correctly.
  • Ash storms on Solstheim now apply ash effects on tents after sleeping in them.


  • New enclosed, warmer-looking Small Hide Tent mesh by Tumbajamba.
  • New option in the SkyUI MCM to reset W.E.A.R. to default values. The legacy menu system already had this.
  • New option in the SkyUI MCM and legacy menu system to turn off System Notifications ("You are now prepared to use camping equipment", "Your scriping system is running too slowly", etc)


  • Packed missing sound files, which were the shiver sound effects. They were supposed to be in the last patch release, but were mistakenly not included.
  • Fur boots were not providing the right exposure protection.
  • Being wet while the weather is "warm" will no longer affect your exposure. Being wet while the weather is "temperate" or better will affect your exposure less than before.
  • The hand warming animations from 2.1 now behave much better. You should no longer be stuck in 3rd person view (and if you were, this fix is retroactive). The animation should no longer stop working after a period of time. It will not longer trigger while you are in dialogue. Note that it will not trigger while you are in combat, and sometimes you can be in combat and not know it (Slaughterfish by the shoreline being the prime example).
  • Verified Bandoliers no longer displays "gloves" message. I have tested every single bandolier from both the base plugin and Dawnguard. If you are still experiencing this issue, please try reloading your game.

Frostfall 2.1 Change Log


  • You can now start the mod in one of three different ways:

    • Look to the stars.
    • SkyUI Only: Click the Frostfall Status button in the Frostfall MCM's Overview page. Exit the menus and wait 5 to 10 seconds, and the mod will start.
    • Open the console, and type "set StartFrostfall to 1". Exit the console and wait 5 to 10 seconds, and the mod will start.
  • New shiver sound effects for male and female when the player reaches "freezing" or "freezing to death". Can be toggled on and off.

  • New force feedback options for controller users. You will feel a mild rumble when entering the Freezing state, a heavy rumble when entering Freezing to Death, and you will feel your heartbeat pulse when swimming in frigid water, which will slowly taper off before you die. Force feedback can be turned on or off.

  • SkyUI Only: You can now set hotkeys for Weathersense and Survival Skills.

  • SKSE Only: Hand-warming animations. Can be turned on or off. They will play automatically only under the following circumstances:

    • You must be using SKSE.
    • You must be in 3rd person mode.
    • You must have your weapon sheathed.
    • You must be fairly close to the fire.
    • You must not be sitting, sleeping, or using some other piece of furniture.
    • You must not be placing a piece of camping equipment.
    • You must not be on horseback.
    • You must be stopped for a prolonged period of time (greater than 8 seconds)
    • To break out of the animation, press a movement key. (Controller users will have to press an attack key, jump, or weapon ready. There is no way to detect the joystick using SKSE at this time.)
  • There is now an option to turn off Advanced Object Placement for camping supplies for those that have experienced performance issues. If it is turned off, you will place items by dropping them into the world, positioning them by dragging the item around, and the clicking on them and selecting Place. It will place the item in front of where you are standing. They will be placed perfectly level (flat), so find a flat-ish spot to camp if you use this mode for performance reasons.

  • Wyrmstooth, a new quest and new landmass adventure mod, is now fully supported.

  • Exposure and Wetness are now displayed in the tent menu system.

  • Most waterfalls will now drench you when standing near or under them for a few seconds. I can't promise that this will work 100% of the time. If you see strange behavior, please report it.

  • New in-game troubleshooter for the error message "You are already trying to place something" displaying when it should not.

  • theRoadstroker's Rogue Sorceress Outfit will be fully supported in an optional compatibility patch that will launch simultaneously with 2.1. I've always loved this gear set and am happy that it is more fully supported now. This also now adds support for one-piece gear sets such as this (combination gloves, body, hands, and/or head gear in the same item). You will get an appropriate level of exposure protection when wearing his Outfit, and the cloak now acts as Linen. The cloak's used slot has been changed to 46 in the compatibility patch in order to bring it in line with most other cloak mods. A complete list of changes will be forthcoming.

  • New recipe for brand new Woodcutter's Axe. This was originally avoided because of the catch-22 of needing firewood to craft the woodcutter's axe, and needing a woodcutter's axe to harvest firewood. Now that the player can use a Stone Hatchet to acquire firewood, this recipe now makes sense to have.

  • Cleaned Pelts and Hide Lace can now be crafted from the Tanning Rack menu as well.

  • You can now reclaim your amulet from your backpack at a tanning rack without losing the backpack.

  • A new message will appear when loading your game: "You are now prepared to use camping equipment." This informs you when Frostfall's startup routines are complete. After this message appears, camping equipment can be placed and other features will begin working as well (W.E.A.R. etc).


  • Fixed an issue with Snowberry Extract not working under certain conditions.
  • Cloaks are now checked in the WEAR arrays every time the game is loaded and repopulated if necessary, which should prevent the need to clean save in the future in some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where the mod would think you were always a vampire after becoming a Dawnguard vampire, and then curing yourself.
  • NPCs should no longer sandbox into the player's bed roll, preventing packing the tent.
  • Breton Vampires can now see their backpacks when worn.
  • Waiting in tents has been improved. Your timescale should (hopefully) now always return to the right one, at the right time.
  • The radius that a campfire will heat a tent from has been increased. The radius a cooking pot can be placed away from a heat source has been slightly increased.
  • Some of the text in the SkyUI MCM has been modified for clarity or corrected.
  • You can now see your Adaptation bonus under Active Effects.
  • Bandoliers should no longer spam the Papyrus log. Bandoliers should no longer be detected by Frostfall as gloves.
  • Much better swimming detection. Should hopefully eliminate "You cannot do that while swimming" errors for most users.
  • Backpack items will no longer display when invisible or ethereal, to prevent "floating items" without the invisibility effect from appearing.
  • The player's scale should no longer be changed when using certain camping equipment.
  • "Faint heat" messages while indoors should no longer appear, and should appear more relevantly when outdoors.
  • The amount of time Frostfall allows its main script to run in a single loop has been lengthened. This should fix an issue where some users had exposure values that would not change. It is still recommended that those users tweak their Papyrus settings in Skyrim.ini in order to improve script performance.
  • You will no longer lose your camping item when trying to place something and then moving through a load door. This will also no longer break your ability to place things in the future.
  • You can no longer use Survival Skills, mortar and pestle, or drop items to place them while on horseback.
  • Removed the collision mesh from lanterns that hang in the Large Hide Tent, which can cause camera issues.
  • Cloaks detected using the legacy keyword method now grant the benefits of Linen cloaks when using W.E.A.R.
  • The messages that display when in frigid water are now tied to the Condition Messages option.
  • Resolved misc. papyrus log errors.
  • A few remaining script-driven messages now have their own message objects to allow for proper translation.
  • Cooking pots are placed slightly higher, and should be easier to activate once placed.
  • The cloak textures for the fur cloak by Lorelai have been reduced in size. The clasp ornament has been reduced from 1024x1024 to 256. The fur texture has been reduced from 2048x2048 to 1024x1024. The normal maps remain the same. This should improve performance for some users and help avert memory-related issues. The 2048x2048 texture is available for download as an optional file on the Skyrim Nexus page.


  • Positive values of exposure now have a + sign in Weathersense and the tent menus in order to prevent confusion on what side of the exposure scale you are on.
  • Weathersense now shows the incoming weather temperature, if a new weather is incoming. This should cause the visual weather to match Weathersense's reports much more often.
  • It is now impossible to craft tents or backpacks using the Tanning Rack, or cooking pots at a Forge, before the mod has started or when the mod is shut down.
  • Longbows now require Hide Lace instead of Leather Strips.
  • Beast tails are now hidden when using Frostfall cloaks (Travel Cloaks)
  • The commas in backpack names have been replaced with hyphens to allow for Customizable Favorites Menu support.
  • The Weathersense Ring has been removed. Future SkyUI meters using the widget framework, along with the SkyUI Weathersense hotkey that can be used on horseback, has made this redundant and its implementation was never that good because it relies too heavily on the user's script performance in order to fire consistently, which led to a lot of bug reports.
  • The vampirism check now only checks ActorTypeUndead. This will ensure more universal support. This also means some mods that make the player a Lich are now supported. The wording in the menus has also been modified to reflect this change.
  • The Wet and Cold Compatibility Wizard is now simply a set of instructions, and does not actually do anything.
  • SKSE + Hearthfire Only: The Quarried Stone to Dense Stone recipe has been changed to require 4 Quarried Stone for every 1 Dense stone, instead of the other way around.


  • Blizzard AOE spells do not put out campfires, and Fire AOE spells do not light campfires. Implementing this would greatly overcomplicate the way campfires currently work.
  • The View Status page does not show a + sign for positive values of exposure.

Frostfall 2.0 Change Log

This change list is a high-level overview of the changes between Frostfall 1.6b and 2.0. Given how many minor tweaks, changes, and fixes that took place between these two versions, a complete changelist of every single modification would be both impossible to compile and useless to the reader. This change list should cover all major changes to the mod, and is geared toward existing Frostfall 1.6b users. Please note that this change list is not a substitute for the complete documentation, found at the links below.



  • The mod is no longer started by reading the Survivor's Guide to Skyrim in an inn. You now look to the stars to reflect on your knowledge. Stare at the sky between 7PM and 7AM for about 8 seconds in order to start the mod. Frostfall 2.1 has also added a menu-based way to start the mod as well.
  • Frostfall now includes a set of modified (with permission) Sabre Gear Backpacks that show the actual equipment that you are carrying. It displays a bed roll (when carrying a tent) a cooking pot, a Woodcutter's Axe, and a torch.
  • Belt-Fastened Quivers is now available to improve clipping and placement between quivers and the new backpacks. It is available as an Optional File on Frostfall's download page, or as a stand-alone file on Steam Workshop.
  • Lite Mode now defaults to 0.8x Exposure Rate, and toggles Death by Exposure off.
  • The "Exiting Interiors" troubleshooter has been removed, since this bug has not occurred since a more permanent fix to the problem has been put into place.
  • The Snowberry Extract bottle has been modified to use the Transparent Wine Bottles resource by Gerauld and Yuril.
  • New Walking Stick, Stone Hatchet, and Stone Arrows (by Hypno88) weapons have been added.
  • A great number of bugs have been fixed.
  • Nearly every script has been revised and rewritten from the ground up for optimization and simplicity.


  • Now compatible with Climates of Tamriel. Frostfall now uses a new compatibility framework in order to ensure compatibility with many different mods. See the See the Compatibility page of the Skyrim Survivor Series website for more information.
  • Frostfall now uses Wet and Cold's dripping water shader by Isoku. Used with permission.
  • There is now increased interoperability with T3nd0's Skyrim Redone (SkyRe). There is an optional plugin for SkyRe that adds Frostfall-specific perks to the Wayfarer tree. See SkyRe's Skyrim Nexus page and the SkyRe page on the Skyrim Survivor Series website for more information.
  • Werewolves and vampires are now working as intended, including from Tales of Lycanthropy, Tales of the Beast II, and Belua Sanguinare Revisited. Vampires are no longer affected by exposure in any way. Werewolves now correctly get a bonus to exposure protection for their fur. This does not, however, make werewolves immune to exposure. Feeding restores 10 exposure.


  • The term "Exposure Points" has been deprecated. It is now simply called "Exposure".
  • You can now see the exact Exposure Protection granted by your equipment by using Survival Skills, View Status. This also includes a new rank system with customized suggestions.
  • You now have Adaptation, which increases your Exposure Resistance as your level increases. For SkyRe optional plugin users, Adaptation increases with your Wayfarer skill.
  • The exposure scale now ranges from 20 (warm) to -100 (freezing to death).
  • The amount of benefit from torches, soup, clothing (with W.E.A.R on or off) and Frost Resistance has not changed.
  • Cloaks now have unique exposure resistance and rain resistance properties when W.E.A.R. is enabled. See the W.E.A.R. page of the Skyrim Survivor Series website for more information.


  • Fire Kits no longer exist. You now use Survival Skills, Create Campfire.
  • You can now buy a Mortar and Pestle from any apothecary in Skyrim to perform Alchemy anywhere.
  • You can now create Enchanting Supplies to perform Enchanting anywhere. Requires 1x Bone Meal with each use.
  • Tent crafting recipes have been moved to Tanning Racks. Note that you can now create and place your own Tanning Racks.
  • Tents have all-new ground meshes that look far more interesting than a simple bed roll.
  • Tent ground collision has been greatly improved. They should no longer fall through the ground if dropped.
  • The camping system has been a greatly expanded and revised. Tents are now far more important. You can no longer warm up completely without a tent in snowy weather. You can no longer dry off if standing in the rain. Hide tents can allow you to get completely warm in all weather conditions, but won't allow you to get completely dry in the rain. Conversely, leather tents will allow you to dry completely off in rain, but aren't as warm in the snow.
  • Tents now have new features, including a usable lantern, and the option to wait or sleep inside if sitting or lying down, respectively.
  • When dropping a piece of camping equipment, you are now presented with a menu asking if you want to place or drop the item.
  • When placing a piece of camping equipment, you will see a blue placement marker that follows you where you look and move. It also conforms to the slope of the terrain. Press the activate key to place the item where the marker is currently located. If the marker is red, you cannot place this item there. It is illegal to place camping equipment inside most buildings and while in or near a town or city.
  • When placing a campfire near a tent, it will glow when close enough to the tent to warm you. The same is true when placing tents and cooking pots near heat sources.
  • The number of things that can be created using Survival Skills has been greatly expanded. See the Survival Equipment page of the Skyrim Survivor Series website for more information.


  • You can no longer harvest wood when freezing to death.
  • Each time you harvest wood, you now lose exposure roughly equivalent to spending an hour in that area, up to an increase of 20 exposure per harvest.
  • You can now harvest deadwood, which can be harvested without a Woodcutter's Axe. Gathering enough deadwood for a campfire is slower and more random than harvesting firewood.
  • It now requires 6 firewood,or 15 deadwood to create a campfire.
  • When harvesting wood, you may find a small, dense stone. This can be used to create a single-use hatchet for harvesting firewood. It can also be used indefinitely as a makeshift war axe.


  • Swimming in frigid water behaves the same.
  • The time you will stay wet has been greatly increased depending on how wet you are. Being damp now counts for 2/3rds of the time you will spend wet.
  • You can now stand under any outcropping, roof, awning, cave, etc, in order to begin drying off in the rain.

Frostfall 1.6b Change Log

Update v1.6b: Made the Survival Skills function much, much simpler, and removed a While loop that was causing an infinite loop. The trade-off is that you no longer sit down, it just brings up the crafting menu. Maybe the animation will come back one day, but right now getting it to work was simply too buggy.

Frostfall 1.6a Change Log

  • Fixed teleportation, colored screen, and crash to desktop when exiting an interior following the use of crafting furniture or wood harvesting.
  • Added a troubleshooting option for those currently affected by teleportation, colored screens, and CTDs when exiting interiors.
  • Fixed screen flashing effect when chopping firewood and mining ore.
  • Fixed receiving erroneous firewood when chopping firewood and mining ore.
  • Added smarter sit-down detection for the Survival Skills power; you should no longer be locked out of menus after using this power due to the player not sitting down.
  • Improved angle calculations while walking during wood harvesting cutscene.
  • Improved angle calculations when dropping campsite items.
  • Changed the Weathersense Ring recipe to require a silver ingot instead of a silver ring.
  • Fixed typo in the Survivor's Guide.
  • Edited "CarryFurnitureScript", a default Skyrim script, to no longer show pick up / put down messages during wood harvesting.
  • Made sure image space effects were properly removed when shutting down Frostfall.
  • Ensured that wood will be gathered even if the pathing on the wood harvesting cutscene gets stuck.

Frostfall 1.6 Change Log


  • New Immersion features; Disable Fast Travel and Disable Waiting Outdoors.

  • New Troubleshooting system. Located at (Book)Config -> Advanced -> Help -> Troubleshooting. You can use this to solve issues that I've seen come up a lot, such as getting stuck wet, unable to Fast Travel, etc. Hopefully some will find this helpful.

  • Overhauled Start (Read "Survivor's Guide to Skyrim" in any inn, usually in the room you stay in) This must be done before the mod will start, or before you receive any of the new abilities.

  • Overhauled Crafting System (use the Survival Skills power)

  • Greatly optimized script execution

  • Overhauled WEAR mechanic. Now applies to all pieces of body gear. Displays a message when you equip the item displaying its protection value.

  • You can now assign the exposure protection value of any piece of armor (including modded armor) by using the Inspect Equipment ability.

  • Overhauled Fast Travel Cost mechanic. You now only need a Woodcutter's Axe in your inventory to fast travel, if enabled.

  • New Immersion options: Completely disable Fast Travel, or completely disabled Fast Travel AND Waiting outdoors.

  • New Wood Harvesting mechanic: equip a Woodcutter's Axe to open the new menu.

  • Freezing and Freezing to Death now have a movement speed penalty.

  • Vampires are no longer harmed by exposure; however, their movement speed is hindered as per normal.

  • Snowberry Extract allows swimming in frigid water for 3 minutes. Made with 15x Snowberries, 1x Sabrecat Eye, and 1x Slaughterfish Egg. Crafted using the Survival Skills ability.

  • Lightable campfires!

  • Food effects. Different soups and stews grant between 10% and 25% Exposure Resistance for 9 minutes.

  • Alcohol effects. Different alcohols temporarily restore 10 to 20 Exposure Points. After the effect wears off (3 minutes), you lose 15 to 25 Exposure Points. Good for short-term emergencies.

  • Cloaks of Skyrim / Winter is Coming are now fully integrated and have magic effects listed under Active Magic Effects. Wearing a cloak provides a 10% Exposure Resist bonus.

  • Torch Exposure Resist bonus reduced to 10% given the above new features.

  • Added more sanity checks to Wood Harvesting. Fixed multiple message bug.

  • Added option under Camping to use a simpler Wood Harvesting cutscene.

  • You can now only harvest firewood when in proximity to trees. (not directly next to, but, close enough to throw a rock to)


  • You can now craft large tents.

  • You can now craft torches.

  • Torches now provide a 10% bonus to Exposure Resistance.


  • Made sure that WEAR exposure protection values were taking effect properly when enabled.
  • Made sure that exposure protection when WEAR is turned off is properly set.
  • You can now change the WEAR protection value of any armor, vanilla or modded. To revert everything back to default settings, go to Config -> Immersion -> WEAR -> Defaults.
  • Fixed Werewolf bug. Werewolves now have full exposure protection.
  • Fixed bug where the Fast Travel Requirement wasn't taking immediate effect.
  • Removed many unused properties from scripts for fewer trace / runtime errors.
  • Fixed issue where camp items would duplicate upon placement.
  • Fixed issue where some campsite items would be non-activatable upon placement.
  • Fixed issue where tents would fly off when placed.
  • Fixed issue where campsite items would not spawn in front of the player when placed.

Frostfall 1.5.1 Change Log


  • Compatibility issues when upgrading from a previous version have been resolved, including the "instant-death" and "insane EP Loss" bugs.

  • Frostfall will not start running until the player gets off the wagon during the intro sequence.

  • The "Warm" bonus for having greater than 100 EP no longer imparts a bonus to regeneration. It provides a flat +10 to Health/Magicka/Stamina instead.

  • Certain foods (soups, stews) no longer provide an Exposure Resist bonus. This benefit has been passed to torches (see below).

  • Torches now provide a 40% bonus to Exposure Resistance when equipped.

  • The cost of fast traveling with firewood has been reduced from 3 to 2 (to bring it in line with the current cost of creating and rekindling a fire kit).

  • A message is displayed when the player is ready to fast travel after acquiring Fire Kits.

  • You no longer gain or lose EP while in combat.

  • Whiterun is now warmer, on par with The Reach.


  • The Weathersense Ring will no longer report that the player's EP is above 120.

  • Combat health regen is now no longer abnormally high when playing with this mod.

  • Fixed a bug where the player might receive more than one backpack / ring

  • Fixed a bug where the player might be stuck 'wet'. If you are stuck wet, enter a body of water and go near a fire again. You should dry off. Alternatively, type "set _DE_WetState to 0" from the console (note the space between "set" and "_DE_WetState"!!!)

  • Fixed a bug where the player might have their health-magicka-stamina permanently affected upon upgrading.

  • Fixed a bug where northern areas / mountains / Windhelm / Winterhold could still register as "brilliant emerald".

  • Fixed a bug where the game may have thought you were naked and not apply Exp. Resistance bonuses.

  • Fixed a bug where the player would lose EP when sleeping outside with a bedroll in cold conditions.

Frostfall 1.5 Change Log Features:

  • Better location and altitude checking. Mountains and snowy areas such as Bleak Falls Barrow, High Hrothgar, and all of The Pale are now always very cold. Their waters are also always frigid.

  • Hardcore Mode features:

  • B.E.A.R. (Body Equipment Affects Rate) on / off. When on, Body armor and clothing is classifed as offering "Limited", "Standard", or "Full" protection against exposure. Equipment covering the Hands, Feet, and Head offer a flat amount of exposure resistance regardless of type.

  • Limited equipment protects against exposure only marginally.

  • Standard equipment offers average protection against exposure. This protection is slightly inferior to the protection of all body armor if BEAR were turned off.

  • Full equipment offers the best protection against exposure. This protection is better than the protection offered of all body armor if BEAR were turned off.

  • The armors that offer "Full" Exposure Resistance are:

  • Fur (variant with sleeves)

  • Orcish heavy armor

  • The armors that offer "Limited" Exposure Resistance are:

  • Hide

  • Studded

  • Shirtless Fur variants

  • Iron

  • Banded Iron

  • Armors not listed above, including any armor added by a mod, and all clothing, is classified as Standard.

  • This feature is provided AS-IS. I will not take compatibility requests for this feature. Do not ask.

  • If you are a mod author who would like to make your body equipment compatible, add the keywords "_DE_Warm1" for Limited, or "_DE_Warm3" for Full protection, along with the other requisite keywords for all equipment of that type (ClothingBody, ArmorCuirass). Armor/clothing with the ClothingBody or ArmorCuirass keywords and neither of the above _DE_Warm keywords will be automatically categorized as Standard.

  • Camping equipment enhancements:

  • Snow gathers on tents immediately when in snowy weather, or after an hour when in snowy terrain.

  • Campfires emit light, will burn out after 6 hours, and degrade entirely after 48 hours. They can be rekindled for 2 firewood.

  • Werewolves now gain 20EP as soon as they transform, and +10EP each time they feed.

  • Vampires now ignore the effects of cold water and being wet.

  • Waiting in the cold will now sap a certain amount of your EP, depending on the temperature, if not near a heat source (but will not kill you). Sleeping outdoors in a bedroll will not cause you to lose EP.


  • Fixed "Freezing to Death" reducing Pickpocketing twice and not affecting Lockpicking.
  • Fixed player not receiving the Camping Supplies and Weathersense Ring at start-up.
  • Fixed player flipping between "wet" and "dry" while in the rain when their EP was above 100.
  • Forges now emit heat.
  • Fixed bugs that have always been present in the EP loss formula.


  • Changed the Warm bonus to be a +10 to max Health, Magicka, and Stamina instead of a regeneration bonus.

  • Weathersense Ring now displays "###/120" instead of "###/100".

  • Changed the format of the Exposure Rate setting in the Setup menu. It is now expressed as a multiplier starting at 1.0x, and can range from 0.0x to 4.0x. This should give much more range for those who want to increase the rate of exposure than the old system.

  • Being wet is now MUCH more dangerous.

  • Being naked is now MUCH more dangerous, with BEAR enabled or disabled.

  • The clothing bonus when BEAR is turned off has been increased, and the bonus afforded by Frost Resistance has been decreased to compensate.

  • Increased the radius a Fire Kit will keep you warm and dry. You should have more room to move around your camp now without getting wet in the rain.

  • Stepping in cold water now saps a flat amount of EP, depending on the temperature of the water, if your current EP is greater than the cap.

  • "Cold" water will drop your EP to 80, if your current EP > 80.

  • "Extremely Cold" water will drop your EP to 60, if your current EP > 60.

  • "Frigid" water will drop your EP to 40, if your current EP > 40. The Weathersense Ring now pings your status once every 30 seconds when equipped.

  • The speed at which heat sources restore your EP has been slightly decreased.

  • Waiting by a fire for 2 or more hours will completely restore your EP.

  • I now export the player's current Exposure Point value to an unused vanilla GlobalVariable, "HirelingRecognizeJenassaCOPY0000" as a short integer. This is to allow other mods to access this temperature information. Imp's More Complex Needs has some features which will include this information in the future.

Frostfall 1.4 Change Log


  • A brand-new configuration system is available by selecting Setup from the Basic Camping Supplies. You can now turn Fast Travel Cost, Frigid Water Lethality, and Tent Durability on/off, as well as adjust your rate of Exposure.
  • A brand-new interactive Help System can be reached from within Camping Supplies -> Setup -> Advanced Setup. It contains a large swath of information about playing with Frostfall and how it works, from inside the game.
  • A new one-time splash screen will be displayed asking if it is OK for Fast Travel to cost Fire Kits and Firewood. You can disable this option directly from the splash screen without ever having to even open the new configuration menu.
  • a new Prepare for Uninstall option from within Setup -> Advanced Setup to shut down all features of Frostfall, remove all negative status effects from your character, and re-enable Fast Travel so you can uninstall Frostfall without any concern.
  • Cooking Pots can now be crafted. They are made from a Cast Iron Pot and a Wooden Ladle. They can be used while near a campfire built with a Fire Kit. Destroy the campfire to pick the Cooking Pot back up.

Many bug fixes:

  • Fire Kit consumption when Fast Traveling vastly, vastly improved. Fire Kits are now no longer consumed when traveling via carriage, or transitioning between worldspaces (Bloated Man's Grotto, Blackreach, Windhelm, etc). Report to me if you still see something strange, but I am confident enough in this fix to mark the issue as "resolved".
  • Changed the way I detect heat sources. It should now be much more accurate. Giant Campfires and fires in High Hrothgar now emit heat. Let me know if you still see any fires that don't emit heat and I can quickly implement a fix.


  • Tents and Bedrolls have been condensed into the same item. To compensate, they now have 10 uses instead of 5. The crafting requirement is still 5 pelts.
  • The Exposure Rate for all players is now the same by default, no matter what your timescale is. It can be configured in the Setup menu.

Frostfall 1.3 Change Log Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger now compatible! (requires CKotNR v1.3) Changed fire proximity detection to use a FormList instead of my current script code. Should improve performance. Improved the "wet" shader effect. It is much, much more subtle, and not blue. Added the blue magical fires surrounding Winterhold to the list of heat sources. This should thaw out some mages.

Frostfall 1.2a Change Log Quick fix to stop getting soaked in interiors when it's raining outside.

Frostfall 1.2 Change Log Now fully compatible with LtMattMoo's Camping! His campfires will keep you toasty warm, and all of his camping equipment works. The truth is, aside from campfires, they already did. Removed the lighting incompatibility. This mod should now be compatible with mods that edit light sources. Fixed minor book typo.

Frostfall 1.1 Change Log NOW COMPATIBLE WITH ALL FOOD MODS! Flamecloak now protects against frigid water! But if the spell runs out, you might be in trouble... Fixed issue where Resist Exposure bonus would last too long. Fixed issue where interior water would still harm the player. "You are soaking wet" message no longer appears when stepping out of water. I'm letting the shader effect speak for itself. "This water is..." messages only appear once per in-game hour, to reduce message frequency.

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