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GROSS is a framework for easily creating self-persisting objects. By reading
a few annotations from a class, GROSS auto-generates most simple SQL statements
needed for saving, updating, and retrieving objects in a relational database.
it works with MySQL and Hypersonic, and most likely other RDBMSes, although it
hasn't been tested (yet) on all of them.


 * Mark methods or fields in your classes as IntegerField, StringField,
   BooleanField, DateField, DateTimeField, DecimalField, or EnumField
 * Set default values, primary key fields, maximum length for strings
 * Date and DateTime fields can be auto-set to now initially or every time
   the object is saved
 * Gross takes care of escaping or truncating String fields as needed
 * Generate almost any SQL SELECT statement, including JOINs, table name
   aliases, arbitrary SQL functions, and complex filtering in the WHERE
   clause. Gross can even limit results with LIMIT/OFFSET or TOP/START AT
   (depending on your flavor of SQL)
 * supports any number of Primary key fields
 * Cross-platform:
    Tested with MySQL, Hypersonic, and MS Sql Server (2008) - should also work with others
    Tested on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux - works on any platform that runs a JVM

Known limitations:
 * JOINs are not directly supported yet, so you still have to write some
   SQL if you need to use a join to select data
 * Foreign keys are not supported yet
 * Doesn't (yet) auto-generate CREATE TABLE statements (this is on the
   'someday' TODO list)
 * Untested on PostgreSQL, Oracle, MSSQL, and others
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