A simple command-line time tracker, inspired by timetrap and built on PouchDB so its database is syncable.
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timepouch is a command-line time tracking utility made with node.js and PouchDB. It was inspired by timetrap. timepouch improves on timetrap by using a database that can very easily sync with CouchDB.

Getting Started

npm install -g timepouch

Basic Usage

$ timepouch --help
  -d, --display   Display checkins for the current sheet
  -s, --sheet     Select or create a sheet
  -l, --list      Display timesheets
  -i, --in [note] Check in to the current timesheet
  -o, --out       Check out of the current timesheet
  --sync [url]    Sync changes with the CouchDB server at url

The --at, --start, and --end options are available to specify dates/times.


$ timepouch -s some-project
> selected sheet 'some-project'
$ timepouch -i working on some feature
> starting task 'working on some feature' at Thu Nov 08 2012 15:22:26 GMT-0700 (MST)
// work work work...
$ timepouch -o
> completed task 'some feature' at Thu Nov 08 2012 15:23:56 GMT-0700 (MST)

When checking in or out, the --at option can specify the time you want to record for that event. This must be a string that Javascript's Date class can parse.

# check in at a specific time (use --at or --start)
$ timepouch -i --at '11/8/12 10:37 PM'

# check out, and set checkout time to 5:00 PM (use --at or --end)
$ timepouch -o --at 'Nov 7 2012 5:00 PM'

# check in, and out in one go (use --start and --end, NOT --at)
$ timepouch -i doin sem stuffs --start 'Nov 8, 2012 9:00' --end 'Nov 8, 2012 17:00'

You can also specify dates relative to right now, like "5 minutes ago".

$ timepouch -o --at '15 minutes ago'

# or a but more concise
$ timepouch -oa '15m ago'

Displaying / querying data

By default, timepouch -d will print out all the entries in the currently selected sheet. You can search and filter by the date, sheet, or note by using the following options (mix and match as needed):

  • --before [date] Show entries before the specified date/time
  • --after [date] Show entries after the specified date/time
  • --sheet [sheet name] Show entries in another sheet
  • --note [search] Show entries with a note containing 'search'


  • Build a web interface to make syncing with a CouchDB useful
  • Improve output formatting and reporting
  • Add editing
  • Improve date parsing and handling of bad dates