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VimL Shell Perl
Latest commit 1f4f2ef @chetan [git] added diff stuff
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.etc updated git completion
.scm_breeze @ e9f3fd7 updated scm_breeze
.ssl update SSL bundle from osx keychain
.subversion added subversion config file
.vim Revert "removing old vimrc files"
.ackrc add sass filetype
.bashrc_aliases fixed uname equality test (thanks alexei)
.bashrc_all added local bin to path
.bashrc_completion use correct test flag
.bashrc_dispatch use bashrc_dispatch system
.bashrc_interactive split out rvm
.bashrc_java fixed on linux
.bashrc_login better screen fix
.bashrc_once add env var for perl/lwp
.bashrc_rvm always run rvm-prompt
.bashrc_script fixed rvm when running in screen
.bashrc_term use __git_ps1 function from git completion
.coffeelint added coffelint config
.gemrc added --env-shebang
.git.scmbrc disable command wrapping
.gitconfig [git] added diff stuff
.gitignore added ignore file
.gitmodules switched to janus master
.gvimrc.local local configs for janus
.screenrc force vbell off
.vimrc Revert "removing old vimrc files"
.vimrc.after set colors
.wgetrc update path to .dotfiles updated readme set colors move old files out of the way

to update the .scm_breeze submodule:

$ git submodule init && git submodule update

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