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Chetan Sarva :: 
Brian Ploch  ::

My Plugins for rbot - a Ruby IRC bot ::

* bo.rb (boxoffice) - Movie box office information
* bitcoin.rb - Bitcoin price lookup from mtgox
* debt.rb - Looks up the US national debt
* dvd_release.rb - Lookup recent or upcoming dvd releases
* fmylife.rb - Get posts from
* idlerpg.rb - Get status for user in efnet's #failrpg game
* mlb.rb - MLB stats and scores
* nba.rb - NBA stats and scores
* nfl.rb - NFL stats and scores
* nhl.rb - NHL stats and scores
* oil.rb - Gets crude oil price from
* quietube.rb - Posts shortened quietube version of youtube links with optional title
* rotten.rb - Lookup movies on
* scrambler.rb - A game where users compete to unscramble words as fast as possible
* steam.rb - Lookup steam users profile information by profile (customurl) or steamID64
* stocks.rb - Lookup stock prices on Yahoo! finance
* tiny_weather.rb - A minimalist weather script
* wikipedia.rb - Lookup articles on wikipedia and get a summary
* woot.rb - Lookup daily deal from and sellout.woot (or random from deals if sold out)