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#Indian MPs An Indian Parliamentary directory built on top of PopIt.


The website currently features profiles of all the Members of the Indian Parliament. We plan to add more sources as we progress.


The site uses the Yii PHP framework for the backend and the Twitter bootsrap library for the frontend. It uses PopIt for the data layer.

Using PopIt to Setup a Website

  1. Create an instance on the PopIt site.

  2. Get the PHP bindings for PopIt from Github repo.

  3. Use the credentials used in (1) to initialize the PopIt object like here.

  4. Use the PopIt object to read/insert/update/delete data on the PopIt site.

  5. Import data into PopIt using the API. For this website the code for importing data can be found here.

  6. Code for searching data on PopIt can be found here.


Try the live demo on