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Clyde - Sometimes you can't hack

Clyde is a barebones web app to make editing & creating posts using Hyde.


  1. The tweet that started it.
  2. Discussion thread that took off from the tweet.
  3. Pretty pictures and some text.


  1. Facebook Tornado - This now exists as a git submodule in the lib directory. You can init and setup right from the lib directory.
  2. A branch for drafts and a branch for production for each of the hyde sites you want to maintain with Clyde.


Right now the only thing that you need to do is to modify sites.yaml in the root directory.

Run Clyde

You can start clyde by simply executing python clyde.py from the hyde directory.

Next Steps

  1. Create New Files.
  2. Allow uploading and replacing media files
  3. Create commands(sets) for markitup editor for Hyde specific commands
  4. Add client side scripts for better file detection and markitup initialization
  5. Allow generating the site for preview
  6. The site right now is unresponsive - No feedback, no indicators and no error messages.
  7. Sign In/Sign Out
  8. Documentation