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Project Report.pdf


  1. The information below is about reproducing the paper "Real Time Robust L1 Tracker Using Accelerated Proximal Gradient Approach" By Chenglong Bao, Yi Wu, Haibin Ling, and Hui Ji

  2. The code can be found at: under the heading "L1_APG (Matlab, ~40M with data)"

  3. This paper uses the datasets jump,car,singer,woman,pole,sylv,deer and face. This can be found at below url:

  4. This paper compares its work with 5 other papers (MIL,OAB,ICTL,VTD,IVT) i) The code for IVT can be found at: ii) The code for OAB can be found under folder: BoostingTracker_Win32Binaries_v03

  5. Comparision folder contains the python script to generate the graphs of the error. It also the measured error and the procedure of measurement.

  6. Results folder contains results of all trackers and it also contains values of ground truth