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boop.js web

Source code for - a place for scripting Android apps in the cloud.

Example: Testing search in the JustEat app

More examples


cp server/config/default.json server/config/debug.json

Edit server/config/debug.json and supply the necessary information. You will need keys for:

  • A GitHub app
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon DyanmoDB

(Optional) You can run a local version of DynamoDB instead of one hosted by Amazon by installing dynamodb-local and using it in your config with no authentication like so:

  "dynamodb": {
    "endpoint": "http://localhost:8000"

Create a docker image

docker build . -t chetbot

How to run

Run a container with the docker image you just created, making your configuratin available as a volume and make the HTTP port accessible on 8080:

docker run -e NODE_ENV=debug -v $PWD/server/config:/opt/chetbot/server/config -p 8080:80 -d chetbot

Then point your browser at http://localhost:8080

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