Chromium extension client and Clojure server allowing people to "like" the page you're visiting
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A "Like" button for your presentation running in Chrome/Chromium. You can also add comments!

Built on Chrome/Clojure/MongoDB.


  • A web-based "Like" button that can be used by anyone on the same network
  • Participants may add a comment if they wish
  • The "Like" or comment is shown as a visual notification in the top right of your screen
  • A live screenshot of the current browser tab for all participants
  • All data saved to MongoDB (current URL, name of sender, comment if supplied)


  • Leiningen 2
  • MongoDB
  • Chromium or Google Chrome


  1. Ensure you have a local MongoDB server running.

  2. Start the server (it uses port 9090 by default).

     iApprove      $ cd clj
     iApprove/clj  $ lein run
  3. Install the browser extension.

  • Go to Extensions
  • Enable Developer mode
  • Click Load unpacked extension...
  • Select the chrome-extension folder from the repo

How to use

  1. Find your IP address. (You can use ifconfig or ipconfig on Windows.)
  2. Send the link with your IP address, using port 9090, to all participants. (They must be connected to the same network!)
  • It should look something like this:

Participants should follow the link and enter their name in the field provided. When they press "Like" a notification will appear in your current browser tab.

When finished, don't forget to disable the iApprove browser extension.

Saved data

All "likes" and "comments" are stored in the i-approve MongoDB database in the comments collection. (A "like" is a "comment" that has no message.)


Licensed under the MIT License. Copyright (c) 2015 TouchType Ltd.