Implementation of Deep Learning based Recommender Algorithms with Tensorflow.
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In this repository, we implement many recent deep learning based recommendation models with Tensorflow.


Shuai Zhang, Yi Tay, Bin Wu

Implemented Algorithms

We implemented both rating estimation and top-n recommendation models.

  • I-AutoRec and U-AutoRec (www'15)
  • CDAE (WSDM'16)
  • NeuMF (WWW'17)
  • CML (WWW'17)
  • LRML (WWW'18) (DRAFT ONLY, testing will come soon)
  • NFM (SIGIR'17)
  • NNMF (arxiv)
  • etc.

You can run this code from Test/ or Test/


  • Tensorflow 1.7+, Python 3.5+, numpy, scipy, sklearn, pandas

To do

  • Add more models
  • Different Evaluation Protocals
  • Code Refactor


To acknowledge use of this open source package in publications, please cite the following paper:

  title={Deep learning based recommender system: A survey and new perspectives},
  author={Zhang, Shuai and Yao, Lina and Sun, Aixin and Tay, Yi},
  journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1707.07435},

Thank you for your support!!!

Contributions and issues are always welcome. You can also contact me via email: