Command line tool for adding events to Google Calendar
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Google Calendar Add Event
 - Chevee Dodd 2011
 e: cheveedodd at gmail dot com

This version of Add and Get runs against v2 of Google's API.  Google has
introduced v3 as of 11/17/2011 and deprecated v2.  I am working on a build
using the new API but this one will work for as long as Google supports v2.

0.1.2 - added check for data structure and build directory if not present
      - build credentials.cml with user input email/password pair
0.1.1 - added credentials.cml file handler separating credentials from log
0.1.0 - Initial commit

Developmental version only.  I'm not responsible for damages.


Offers Google Calendar event adding through simple command line interface.
Uses base64 encodig for username/password stored in credentials file as well
as logging.


This is currently a personal project that is not intended to replace Google CLI
or any other tool.  It is a learning experience as I return to coding.  There
are parts of the code that are poorly written and I gladly accept feedback.

In the future, I hope to include:
  - error handling (currently there is exactly zero)
  - passable argument for multiple calendar support (or a menu)
  - intelligent date/time processing that accepts multiple input formats
  - automatic log control for oversize logs or by date

I have included a query tool that utilizes the same authentication method that
is used by the Add tool.  If you want to run a query for events against a date
range, you can use for that purpose.  It is a test and will be
incorporated into future builds as a command line option.


This project is officially Do With It What You Will.  If you do want to work on
it, I'd appreciate help, otherwise, if you find anything useful in here, have
at it.  I'd like credit, if you feel like giving it to me.

You must have the Google Calendar API v2 for Python installed.

1. copy to any directory
2. run - follow directions