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There are a ton of fancy dotfiles installers and configuration managers out there but I'm a fan of simplicity. Simply clone this repository and run the script. The script will symlink all the appropriate dotfiles into the appropriate locations on OS X.


$ git clone
$ cd ./dotfiles
$ ./

Included Configurations:

  • Vim, complete with plugins and .nvimrc.
  • .bash_profile which sources .bashrc for cross-system interoperability.
  • .bashrc containing a few aliases and various configurations.
  • .gitconfig with aliases.
  • .inputrc to put bash in vi mode.
  • which is sourced by .bash_profile for a stylized bash prompt.
  • .tmux.conf which enables mouse support and maps some keys.
  • .tmux_theme which is sourced by .tmux.conf for a stylized tmux status line.


Bash in vi mode.

Bash Git integration and Git aliases.

Tmux status line.

Vim with plugins configured.