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Fixed bug in SQLDatabse Delete method

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commit 5e6b50e0f99061749db486caf2af4389a49c3146 1 parent 8cdb9e7
Chevon Christie authored
BIN  ChevonChristieCode/ChevonChristieCode.sln.docstates.suo
Binary file not shown
BIN  ChevonChristieCode/ChevonChristieCode.suo
Binary file not shown
5 ChevonChristieCode/ChevonChristieCode/Data/SQLCEDatabase.cs
@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ namespace ChevonChristieCode.Data
/// Note that when accessing from the UI Thread one should use BeingUIDatabaseInteraction and EndUIDatabaseInteraction
/// these methods have higher priority that the regular Begin and End, and will trump other threads when it comes to
/// accessing the database - this way the UI does not have to wait as long.
+ /// Note - Do not call any Begin method twice before calling end, you will get a deadlock
+ /// Note - Methods internal to the database call Begin and End automatically. You are only responsible for using begin and end when directly
+ /// accessing databse tables
/// </summary>
public class SQLCEDatabase : DataContext
@@ -414,7 +417,7 @@ public void SubmitChanges(bool useUIPriority = false)
- SQLCEDatabase.BeginDatabaseInteraction();
+ SQLCEDatabase.EndDatabaseInteraction();
if (saveNow)
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