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Chevrotain is a blazing fast and feature rich Parser Building Toolkit for JavaScript with built-in support for LL(K). Grammars and 3rd party plugin for LL(*) grammars. It can be used to build parsers/compilers/interpreters for various use cases ranging from simple configuration files, to full-fledged programing languages.

Grammars are written as pure JavaScript sources without a code generation phase,

A more in depth review of Chevrotain can be found in this great article on: Parsing in JavaScript: Tools and Libraries.


  • npm: npm install chevrotain
  • Browser ESM bundled versions: These can be downloaded directly via UNPKG or other NPM cdn services, e.g.:
    • Latest:
    • Explicit version number:

Documentation & Resources


Chevrotain will run on any modern JavaScript ES2015 runtime. That includes nodejs maintenance/active/current version, modern major browsers, but not legacy ES5.1 runtimes such as IE11.


Contributions are greatly appreciated. See for details.

Where used

A small-curated list:

  1. HyperFormula

    • HyperFormula is an open source, spreadsheet-like calculation engine
    • source
  2. Langium

    • Langium is a language engineering tool with built-in support for the Language Server Protocol.
  3. Prettier-Java

    • A Prettier Plugin for Java
    • source
  4. JHipster Domain Language

    • The JDL is a JHipster-specific domain language where you can describe all your applications, deployments, entities and their relationships in a single file (or more than one) with a user-friendly syntax.
    • source
  5. Argdown

    • Argdown is a simple syntax for analyzing complex argumentation.
    • source