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Chewing Editor

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chewing-editor is a cross platform chewing user phrase editor. It provides a easy way to manage user phrase. With it, user can customize their user phrase to increase input performance.


  • Arch Linux: install from AUR: Stable release, Development
  • Mageia: install via urpmi chewing-editor - available in cauldron, Mageia 6 and later.
  • Ubuntu Linux:
    • install from Ubuntu APT repository since Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus)
      • # apt-get install chewing-editor
    • install from PPA ppa:chewing/chewing as development build, which currently supports Ubuntu 13.10 ~ 14.04
      • # add-apt-repository ppa:chewing/chewing
      • # apt-get update
      • # apt-get install chewing-editor


Tools Requirement


chewing-editor can be built by the following commands:

cmake .

If cmake cannot find Qt5, check the environment variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH which shall point to Qt5 installation path. For example: C:\Qt\Qt5.1.1\5.1.1\msvc2012_64.


A custom target make check is used to build and run unit test.

Coverage Report

chewing-editor integrates with gcov to provide code coverage report. The following commands will generate coverage report for unit test.

cmake . -DENABLE_GCOV=yes
make check

The coverage report will be in coveragereport directory.


Update Translations

Please use the following steps to update translations:

  • cmake .
  • make lupdate
  • ts files will be updated by lupdate
  • Use linguist to edit ts files

Add A New Translation

Please use the following steps to add a new translation:

  • Add locale in CMakeFiles.txt
  • cmake .
  • make lupdate
  • ts files will be updated by lupdate
  • Use linguist to edit ts files

Known Issues

Bopomofo cannot Display Correctly

Qt5 before v5.3.0 has problem displaying bopomofo with HarfBuzz-NG. If you encounter this issue, please upgrade your Qt5 to v5.3.0, or run chewing-editor with QT_HARFBUZZ=old.

See also:

Bugs & Feature Request

Please report any bug & feature request to

Author & Contributors

  • ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬)
  • 鄭鴻旗
  • Mike Tzou
  • Yao-Po Wang
  • Peter Dave Hello
  • David Kuo
  • Bruce Liu