Simple cli tools for processing workers. (redis or beanstalkd)
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Queueit is a CLI interface tool
which helps to integrate beanstalkd[1] queue service into my shell scripts.
This could be usefull for the cloud processing or task paralelling.


I am also using redis-server in one of the projects so there are scripts which
will do the same for redis backend. Please check redis/redis-queue script.


You can redefine variables in a such way:
export QUEUEIT_HOST=btd.local
export QUEUEIT_PORT=11300
export QUEUEIT_TTR=5000

USING q-put AND q-get
1. Run the beanstalkd server
beanstalkd -d

2. Push new tasks to process
q-put todownload "" "http://video2.avi"

3. Run workers in the cloud nodes

# Downloading files using wget and putting task into 'encoding' queue
while true; do
   url=$(q-get todownload);
   wget -c $url -O $$.out
   q-put toencode $$.out

# Get task from the 'encoding' queue and encode video file using HandbrakeCLI
while true; do
   in_file=$(q-get toencode)
   HandbrakeCLI -i $in_file -o ${in_file%.avi}.mp4

USING q-wrapper
1. Run beanstalkd queue server:
beanstalkd -d

2. Push new task
q-put download ""

3. Run q-wrapper to process the tasks
q-wrapper download encode wget {}

USING q-stat
q-stat shows nubmer of ready and buried tasks per queue
tube                     watching      buried        ready
default                  24    +1      0             0
t-start                  3             124           570   -3
stats                    1             3             0
t-ir                     1             6             67    +2
t-ip                     1             6             0
t-upl                    0             0             9907
t-t350                   1             0             0
t-t1350                  1             0             0