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This kills pods to help check your environment can withstand failures by using fabric8 chaos monkey without fabric8 dependency

Run as a shell

  • You need to specify a couple of environment variables for the container.
Environment Variable Description example
KUBERNETES_MASTER The URL to kubermaster
KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE The name space of the pod to delete randomly default
CHAOS_MONKEY_INCLUDES regular expressions which can be splited by , zk*,kafka*
CHAOS_MONKEY_EXCLUDES regular expressions which can be splited by , zk*,kafka*
CHAOS_MONKEY_KILL_FREQUENCY_SECONDS The frequency to call the chaos monkey(seconds) 30
  • Start chaos monkey docker container

    docker run -d \
    --name chaos-monkey \
    -e CHAOS_MONKEY_INCLUDES=zookeeper*,kafka* \
  • Checking the logs of chaos monkey docker container

    docker logs chaosmonkey
    02:35:33 INFO  #fabric8_default:34 - Chaos Monkey killed pod zk3-controller-uysjg in namespace default
    02:35:33 INFO  #fabric8_default:34 -

Run inside the kubernetes

$ kubectl create -f kubernetes/chaos-monkey-rc.yaml
  • Check the log of the container
$ kubectl logs chaos-monkey

You can ignore the error the following error as hubot is not available for fabric8 chat notifications:

Reason: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: No kubernetes service could be found for name: hubot in namespace: default