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A template generates digdag workflows for SQL and Python
Python Shell
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Cookiecutter Digdag

A cookiecutter for digdag project, including py> operator, and td> operator.

Requirements to use the cookiecutter template:

$ pip install --user cookiecutter

To start a new project, run:


The output directory structure

├── config
│   ├── params.test.yml     <- Configuration file for run through test. Mirror params.yml except for `td.database`
│   └── params.yml          <- Configuration file for production
├── awesome_workflow.dig    <- Main workflow to be executed
├── ingest.dig              <- Data ingestion workflow
├── py_scripts              <- Python scripts directory
│   ├──
│   ├──             <- Script to upload data to Arm Treasure Data
│   └──        <- Main script to execute e.g. Data enrichment, ML training
├── queries                 <- SQL directory
├──             <- Test shell script for local run through test
└── test.dig                <- Test workflow for local run through test
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