Fastest way to ship Python web apps, anywhere. Be shipping 🚀 (using Docker, Flask, Gunicorn, Whitenoise)
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Fast and easy way to ship Python web apps, anywhere. Be shipping 🚀

Building apps using Python is fun. But shipping them, not so much (unlike PHP & NodeJS, which are supported almost everywhere) However, Docker makes it really easy, here is how:

  • Flask: Web app framework. You could take any other WSGI framework
  • Gunicorn: Production grade App server for Python
  • Whitenoise: Serving static files (js, css, images etc)
  • Docker: Contenarize codebase + all of the above tech to ship


You can try sample Flask app container from Docker Hub. For that, you don't need to clone this git source.

  • docker pull chhantyal/flask-docker
  • docker run -p 8000:8000 flask-docker


In few steps, you can run on local, your colleague's local, AWS, Azure, anywhere.

Docker Container -> Container Registry -> Cloud

First build container:

  • docker build . -t flask-docker:latest

Test local container:

  • Run: docker run -p 8000:8000 flask-docker:latest
  • Open: http://localhost:8000

If you want to deploy in the cloud:

  • Tag it: docker tag flask-docker:latest
  • Push to remote container registry: docker push
  • Run in remote server: docker run -d -p 80:8000 flask-docker:latest

See Dockerfile 🍰