A game for the js13kGame competition. Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to do the whole game.
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A game for the js13kGame competition. Use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make the whole game.

Deep Inside

Game URL: wait for upload to the js13k website.

You will play a role of a man who just feels desperate about everything around him. Every night he suffers from great nightmare and wants to end his life.

This night may be the last night of him. However, there is still hope deeply inside his heart. Try not to be beaten by desperation in the dream. At the meanwhile, get more hope to extend your vision and determination which can get you go through the tragic night.

Use WASD or arrow key to control the man. M/m can stop the music and sound effects.


I didn't write it all by myself. Thanks to my partners:

Chi-Yu Wu (https://www.facebook.com/chiyu.wu.71), art and audio part, move control and other support. My best friend.

Yi-Hsiang Lien (https://www.facebook.com/leo830121), game design and our consultant. Game tester. Soul of our team.


Thanks to js13kGames (http://js13kgames.github.io/resources/), provides a lot of resources to make game tiny.

Sound and music : Tiny Music (https://github.com/kevincennis/TinyMusic)

Font : Pixel Font (https://github.com/PaulBGD/PixelFont)

Compression for PNG images : Tiny PNG (https://tinypng.com/)

HTML and CSS Minifier : miniMinifier(https://github.com/xem/miniMinifier/)

JavaScript Minifier : JavaScript Minifier(https://javascript-minifier.com/)

Zip file recompressor : ADVZIP (http://www.advancemame.it/)

Music based on Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WE7uvRzCGk)