Contains scripts used in this project
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Contains scripts used in this project

Please follow the steps below to execute this program :)

  1. Download the pack and go file from

  2. In robot studio, OPEN the file ´ChibuikeM00543047.rspag´ in the folder downloaded from the link above

  3. If asked, SELECT ´use .. from the pack and go file´ (wait for the controller to load)

  4. right-click on the controller ´IRB120_.....´ and select ´Virtual FlexPendant´ (wait for the pendant to load)

  5. Open the simulation tab (Home | Modeling | Simulation), and start the program

  6. Please follow the instructions on the Virtual FlexPendant to view this program in action.

Cool stuff to look out for?

  1. Different ways of interacting with the user via the Virtual FlexPendant
  2. Automatic scaling and positioning of the text on the work object
  3. How the robot automatically uses the right MOTION and speed for each stage of a given movement i.e. The travel, the approach, the writing motion, and the departure

Satisfy your curiosity ....

  1. Try moving the work surface, (you'll find that every point is calculated based on the location of the work surface)
  2. Open the rapid tab (Simulation | Controller | RAPID), and double-click on the rapid module ´Module1´
  3. Please feel free to explore, other procedures that have not been used in the simulation e.g. The ability to draw an artwork using just Text ´DrawMyTextArt´

For questions and suggestions ...

  1. Email: Chibuike Okpaluba, Subject: <Middlesex University - ABB Writing Project 1>

Thank you for getting this far .... means a lot to me.