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require_once 'WebDriver.php';
class WebDriverSelectorTest extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase {
public function valid_selectors() {
return array(
array("identifier=some_id", "id", "some_id"),
array("identifier=0", "id", "0"),
array("identifier=false", "id", "false"),
array("id=some_other_id", "id", "some_other_id"),
array("id=0", "id", "0"),
array("id=false", "id", "false"),
array("name=some_name", "name", "some_name"),
array("name=0", "name", "0"),
array("name=false", "name", "false"),
array("xpath=//div[@class='some_class']", "xpath", "//div[@class='some_class']"),
array("link=Click here", "link text", "Click here"),
array("link=1 + 2 = 3", "link text", "1 + 2 = 3"),
array("link=0", "link text", "0"),
array("link=false", "link text", "false"),
array("link text=Click here", "link text", "Click here"),
array("link text=2+2=4", "link text", "2+2=4"),
array("link text=0", "link text", "0"),
array("link text=false", "link text", "false"),
array("css=a.person_link", "css selector", "a.person_link"),
array("css selector=div#main", "css selector", "div#main"),
array("partial link text=nvite someon", "partial link text", "nvite someon"),
array("partial link text=0", "partial link text", "0"),
array("partial link text=false", "partial link text", "false"),
array("tag name=li", "tag name", "li"),
array("class=admin-msg", "class", "admin-msg"),
array("class=0", "class", "0"),
array("class=false", "class", "false"),
array("class name=success-msg", "class name", "success-msg"),
array("class name=0", "class name", "0"),
array("class name=false", "class name", "false"),
array("//table//td", "xpath", "//table//td"),
array("//table[@class='edit']", "xpath", "//table[@class='edit']"),
array("fakelocator=qwerqwer", "id", "fakelocator=qwerqwer"),
array("asdfasdf", "id", "asdfasdf"),
array("0", "id", "0"),
array("false", "id", "false"),
* @dataProvider valid_selectors
public function test_valid_selectors($input, $expected_using, $expected_value) {
$actual = WebDriver::ParseLocator($input);
$this->assertEquals($actual["using"], $expected_using);
$this->assertEquals($actual["value"], $expected_value);
public function invalid_selectors() {
return array(
* @dataProvider invalid_selectors
* @expectedException Exception
public function test_invalid_selectors($input) {
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