Simple webview layer for LTC
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Chibitronics Love-to-Code Web Interface

This is the source code to the Chibitronics Love-to-Code website.

It includes the modulator, as well as the user interface. For modules, it uses the CodeMirror text editor, as well as a few other addons.

Audio is encoded into a Wav file, which is played back by the browser.


Build Status

To build, install dependencies using npm:

npm install

You may need to install the "gulp" program, in order to be able to build code:

npm install -g gulp

Then build and serve using gulp:

gulp build
gulp watch

Note that the example menu needs to be hand-edited in src/index.html


To deploy, rebuild the project using the "default" target:


You can then copy the contents of "build/", or serve it using "gulp serve-prod":

gulp serve-prod

Docker Support

This package has full Docker support, and will rebuild itself and serve files on port 80. To build a Docker image, simply run "docker build .". You may want to specify a tag:

docker build -t ltc-web-ui .

You can then run it locally, exposing it on port 8080:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:80 ltc-web-ui

By default, it uses the build server at // and you can change this by setting COMPILE_URL:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:80 -e COMPILE_URL=// ltc-web-ui