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N1MM Skins

N1MM Logger Plus Custom Color Skins

This is a collection of custom dark N1MM skins that I created after I became so accustomed to having a black theme in Win-Test and DXLog. While the default N1MM skins are fine for most folks, I found the bright default blue to be just a bit too much (In my day to day job, my desktop is as dark as possible, including my editors) when sitting at home on the weekend contesting. So, I decided to do something about it.

Inspired by Tim, N3QE's post on the N1MM Support reflector along with a screenshot, I used the N1MM Low Vision mode as a start. Obviously I scaled the font sizes down from there, but if necessary I'm sure you can resize them back up to fit the Low Vision scheme.


Currently I have 4 themes I came up with to use:

  • Black
  • Blue 1 (Hue 140, Sat 240, Lum 25 - R 0, G 27, B 53)
  • Blue 2 (A darker blue, almost black version of Blue 1 - Hue 139, Sat 240, Lum 10 - R 0, G 11, B 21)
  • Default with Blue Buttons (default N1MM scheme, just with dark blue Entry Window buttons)


Download: Easy Way

The latest skin files from this repository are available on my site. Unzip and copy each of the .Skin files to your N1MM Logger\SkinsAndLayouts directory (usually found under My Documents\N1MM Logger +\SkinsAndLayouts).

WT2P N1MM Skins - Latest

Download: You love Github

Download the zip file of this entire repository Download Zip

Clone this repository.

Installing Skins in N1MM

In N1MM Logger, go to Config, then Manage Skins, Colors and Fonts.

Click on Skins and select Load Existing Skin, then Load Skin from File.

You should see the WT2P themes displayed in a box. Choose one.

N1MM should reload and the skin should be applied. If you don't have some or all of the fonts the theme uses, you can click on Fonts and select your own.

Click on the Preview button to see what your changes would look like in the logger program and once you're done, click Save.

There are some known minor issues, which I'll discuss below.

Manage Skins, colors and Fonts Window Extra Detail


Entry Window Callsign: Franklin Gothic, Medium, 16pt

Medium - screen text and tables: Arial, Regular, 12pt

Small - most labels, Log Window data: Franklin Gothic, Medium, 11pt

Smaller - buttons, small labels, Bandmap Window Callsigns: Franklin Gothic, Medium, 9pt

Fixed - Digital Interface, Check, Telnet and Score Windows: Inconsolata, Regular, 10pt

Extra Settings:

Show Form Font Sizers: Unchecked (this is a matter of personal preference)

Snap Windows to Edges: Checked (again, matter of personal preference)

Caveats / Known Issues

I've noticed a few issues with using the dark theme so far that may (or may not) be addressed by the N1MM developers:

  • Available Mults window: The Bands across the top and Mults/Qs/Total Qs on the side sometime change back to black foreground. Closing and reopening the window fixes it.

  • Bands and Modes button in the Available Mults Window: This popup still has some foreground text in black that does not change with the scheme.

  • Digital Interface Windows: Many of the various button foreground text colors on the main DI Windows will not invert colors when using a dark theme. Easily visible in the screenshots. Also, the text entry window foreground text is also not inverted which if you're manually typing data will make it hard to see.

  • Move Multipliers Window: Mode column foreground text does not invert.

  • Info Window: If score reporting is set, score reporting status message foreground text (black) does not invert.

  • Dark Blue Themes

    • Network status window, Options Tab: Run1, Run2 Mult radio button text does not invert.
    • Network status window, Options Tab: Block my transmitter only if other station transmitting on same band and mode (multi-one) checkbox text does not invert.
  • NOT TESTED: WAE QTC Windows. I'll get around to it.

  • If you find any glitches, please let me know so I can add it to the list. Hopefully? in time these issues can be addressed in the program and it would be nice to have a "wish list" of items.

Fixed Issues

  • Info Window: The rate graph text occasionally will default back to Black foreground. Again, close and reopen the window to fix. There's also some text that appears to be stuck in foreground black.

  • Bandmap A / B (in SO2R/SO2V mode): The focused bandmap frequency background correctly updates to the correct foreground/background color scheme. The secondary bandmap frequency background however will change to white. I have not been able to see where to fix that.

  • Entry Windows: Along the top with the Callsign, Sent/Received fields, you can see the white outline (with my Black theme) of each of the controls. That is likely embedded within the software controls used and as of now, cannot be changed. You can see this prominently in the screenshots.

  • Visual Dupesheet: At first, the color scheme is not applied, however after some time it will take effect. The black text (as seen in the Screenshots section) does not invert. Closing/reopening the dupesheet temporarily fixes this.

Other Resources

N1MM Logger Plus

WT2P Contest

N1MM Skin Community

If you have created some custom skins you would like to share, I'd be glad to include them (with proper attribution) in this repository. You can send me an email (wt2p at arrl dot net) or, if you're technically inclined, fork this repo, add your skins (or make changes to/expand on mine) and send me a Github pull request.


I have uploaded screenshots of many of the current N1MM Logger windows to the screenshots directory in this repo as well. Take a look to see how the theme(s) look on Windows 10.

To-Do for Me

  • Setup nightly cron job to pull latest master branch, zip all skin files and make sure the latest fresh version is on my website.

73, CJ - WT2P