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City of Chicago

Open source projects created by the City of Chicago. City staff can request access through from their work email.


  1. Republish the climate change websites removed by the EPA onto your own site. Amplify the dangers of climate change.

    HTML 35 12

  2. opengrid Public

    A user-friendly, map-based tool to combine and explore real-time or historical data.

    JavaScript 244 57

  3. RSocrata Public

    Provides easier interaction with Socrata open data portals Users can provide a 'Socrata' data set resource URL, or a 'Socrata' Open Data API (SoDA) web query, or a 'Socrata'…

    R 221 85

  4. Use Pentaho's open source data integration tool (Kettle) to create Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) processes to update a Socrata open data portal. Documentation is available at http://open-data-etl-ut…

    Shell 95 30

  5. clear-water Public

    Forecasting elevated levels of E. coli at Chicago beaches to provide proper warning to beach-goers.

    R 54 42

  6. Algorithm to predict repeated positive results for West Nile Virus for mosquitoes captured in traps across Chicago.

    R 12 1


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