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An inclusive, community-driven Javascript community in Chicago. See our Code of Conduct. Help us build the JS community you wish you had!

We invite all those who participate in ChicagoJS to help us create safe and positive experiences for everyone.

Gatsby Prerequisites

  • Node (I recommend using v8.2.0 or higher)
  • Gatsby CLI

Access Locally

$ git clone https://github.com/[GITHUB_USERNAME]/[REPO_NAME].git
$ cd [REPO_NAME]
$ yarn
$ npm run develop

To test the CMS locally, you'll need run a production build of the site:

$ npm run build
$ npm run serve

Getting Started (Without Netlify)

$ gatsby new [SITE_DIRECTORY_NAME] https://github.com/AustinGreen/gatsby-starter-netlify-cms/
$ npm run build
$ npm run serve

Setting up the CMS

Follow the Netlify CMS Quick Start Guide to set up authentication, and hosting.


Windows users might encounter node-gyp errors when trying to npm install. To resolve, make sure that you have both Python 2.7 and the Visual C++ build environment installed.

npm config set python python2.7
npm install --global --production windows-build-tools

Full details here