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Programming challenges for python, webdev, data science Python Project Night
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1. Python Project Night - Hands on Python programming for Chicago Pythonistas

Welcome to the Python Projects Night organized by Chicago Python User Group or ChiPy. Here you will find python challenges that we solve together as a groups every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at Braintree's Chicago Office. This repository has the collection of the Challenge problems that we solve at Project Nights.

Talk to us on Slack

1.1. Code of Conduct

Here is our code of conduct.

1.2. Contributors

If you have found a bug, typo or want to help out, please look at the contributing guidelines.

1.3. Challenge Problems

Challenge problems are fun, hands-on coding exercises covering a variety of topics -- such as pure problem solving, web development, and data science. The participants of Project Night are assigned to teams of four, and then solve the problem together in an hour. Teams are designed to have diverse experience levels, giving team members equal opportunity to learn and share ideas.

1.3.1. What you need

  • Wi-fi powered laptop, power chord
  • Python: 3.5 (We can not guarantee help if you are using Python 2.7)
  • Text editor: Atom, Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code
  • OS: GNU/Linux. OS X, Windows

1.4. Previous Projects

Here is a list of projects we have solved previosuly. These are great exercises if you are planning to get level up your skills. Try them out and if you need any help ask us on slack

1.4.1. Python101 Python Koans

For this exercise we will learn the Zen of Python using Test Driven Development. Python Koans is a suite of broken tests, which are written against Python code that demonstrate how to write idiomatic python. Your job is to fix the broken tests by filling in the missing parts of the code.

Solve it! Python Team Projects

The organizers of Project Nights need your help! Grouping attendees for Project Night team project is a manual task. Why do it manually, when we can automate it? We open up the problem to you.

Solve it! Intro to PyTest and Travis-CI

This is an introduction to testing using pytest that uses the same problem as above of grouping project night attendees into teams of 4.

Solve it!

1.4.2. WebDev Flask Team Projects

Build a web app for to group the Python project night attendees.

Solve it! Flask Collage

Build a small web app using Flask which accepts the event id for tonight as a parameter and would fetch the profile pictures of all the attendees to create a collage.

Solve it!

1.4.3. Data Science Data Analysis With Pandas

Pandas is the defacto package for data analysis in Python. In this project, we are going to use the basics of pandas to analyze the interests of project Night's attendees. What can we learn about the Python Project Night's attendees by mining their profile data?

Solve it!

Diversity in tech communities has been a widely addressed topic. As one of the most active tech community in the world, in this exercise we would try to measure some aspects of diversity in tech community. We will use image recognition on the profile pictures of the members of ChiPy user group and determine determine how diverse our attendees are. Then we will compare the same with other tech groups in the city and around the world.

Solve it! Introduction to Text Analysis with sklearn

This is a gentle introduction to text analysis with sklearn. We build a recommnedation system that predicts Pycon conference talks based on previous history of Pycon talks.

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