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The code for the website This project is open source and the license can be found in LICENSE.


To get setup with code it is recommended that you use the following:

  • Python 2.6+
  • virtualenv
  • Autoenv
  • C compiler (for PIL)

Setting up environment is setup using 12factor, which means that it takes local settings from the environment. For this reason it is recommended that you use autoenv and a .env file. The example .env is::

export DEBUG=True
export ALLOWED_HOSTS=","
export GITHUB_APP_ID=youridhere
export GITHUB_API_SECRET=supersecretkeyhere
export SECRET_KEY=somesecretkeyfordjangogoeshere
export NORECAPTCHA_SITE_KEY=your_recaptcha_public_key
export NORECAPTCHA_SECRET_KEY=your_recaptcha_private_key

# optional email settings and their defaults
export EMAIL_BACKEND='django.core.mail.backends.smtp.EmailBackend'
export EMAIL_HOST=''
export EMAIL_PORT=587
export EMAIL_USE_TLS=True

Note that the only required config is the github stuff. The secret key will be random by default which will cause your session to wipe on every restart.

If using autoenv, the above will be in your environment when you cd to the project directory

Create a virtual environment where your dependencies will live::

$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

Clone the repo

(venv)$ git clone git://

Make the project directory your working directory::

(venv)$ cd

Install project dependencies::

(venv)$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Setting up the database

I recommend keeping your development DB as close to production as possible. If you're on a Mac, I recommend using

You will need to run::

(venv)$ python syncdb

Running a web server

In development you should run::

(venv)$ python runserver
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