To increase our truck number, we have created these guidelines for present & future ChicagoRuby Organizers.
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Purpose of This Document

The purpose of this document is to increase ChicagoRuby's truck number. An organization's truck number is the number of people in the organization who can be hit by a truck without disrupting the operations of the organization. The higher, the better.

Or, expressed more optimistically: If every member of the ChicagoRuby Organizer Team suddenly decides to leave Chicago for various private islands in the tropics, this document will enable a new team of organizers to pick up where we left off.

Good luck, organizers!

More Info

To learn more about our group, browse this archive in GitHub and check out the following:

  • ChicagoRuby web site. Great place to find general information about ChicagoRuby.
  • ChicagoRuby Meetup site. This is how we manage our calendar. Saves us tons of time.
  • WindyCityDB site and iPhone app. Save trees, use the mobile app.
  • WindyCityRails site and iPhone app. Our first annual conference, launched in 2008 to a sell-out crowd with profits donated to a charitable organization.
  • WindyCityGo site. Our newest annual conference, scheduled to launch in April 2011. Many of our members are adding mobile components (iPhone, iPad, and Android) to their Rails apps, and we want to give them the resources to do so.

Questions? You can reach the organizer team through our Contact Form or via organizers -at- chicagoruby -dot- org.