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Grapefruit: Runtime Application Instruments for iOS

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Get Started


Grapefruit requires Node.js to be installed. If you can't install the frida-node dependency, please check out the troubleshooting section to choose another version of Node.js.

Setup frida on your iOS device:

Start Cydia and add Frida’s repository by going to Manage -> Sources -> Edit -> Add and enter You should now be able to find and install the Frida package which lets Frida inject JavaScript into apps running on your iOS device. This happens over USB, so you will need to have your USB cable handy, though there’s no need to plug it in just yet.


Grapefruit is now on npm as igf! Interprets as iGrapefruit or maybe iOS Graphical Frida

npm install -g igf

Now you have the grapefruit cli as igf:

~ igf --help

Usage: igf [options]

  -h, --host <string>  hostname (default: "")
  -p, --port <number>  port of the server side (default: 31337)
  --help               display help for command

Default URL for the web UI is http://localhost:31337

Security Warning

At this moment, grapefruit has no authentication. It's possible to use it to inject arbitrary code to your iPhone for anyone that has the access to the web UI. Please limit it to localhost as much as possible. Contribution welcomed.

Discord Group

If you have experienced anything wrong or want to suggest new features, please join my Discord channel!