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Congrats to everyone who contributes to Betaflight! You all rock!

From Betaflight:
Betaflight 3.0.0 (F4 Support)

This is really a major release. The full detailed change list can be found in the the commit history.

Short Summary of changes:

  • STM32 F4 support (working blheli pass-through)
  • Full IO rework
  • Major target separations. Easy implementation for new targets
  • PWM code rework
  • Added OSD integration
  • Major code cleanups and rewrites
  • More configurator integration
  • New Betaflight PID controller based on deg/sec. All of the future development will all happen in this single pid controller. There is still a Legacy PID controller, which is pretty much evolved rewrite. That one will stay the same.
  • The new Betaflight 2DOF PID controller has some additional extra parameters for configuring. Check out the config options in the configurator.
  • RC Interpolation added back with multiple options. (Use Auto for automatic rx rate configuration)
  • Added "diff" cli command for easier backup of config.
  • Removed Super expo as it is a part of Super Rates and enabled by default.
  • Increased linear rate range. rc_rate higher than 2.0 will become stronger and 255 will give full linear 2000deg/sec. Use configurator rate tool to see visual representation of rates.
  • Smoother RC EXPO curve (Use rate tool in configurator for optimal rate tuning)

New 1.8.0 configurator supports some additional tuning parameters. Don't forget to check tool tips for explanations!

New blackbox 2.5.6 supports all new parameters

_Special thanks to Betaflight squad who contributed to this firmware_
Martin Budden
Jason Blackman (blckmn)
Michael Keller (mikeller)
Nathan (nathantsoi)
ledvinap (IO code awesomeness!)
Anton Stålheim (KiteAnton)
Albert Kravcov (skaman82)
Anders Höglund
Gary Keeble (MadmanK)
And many many others who I forgot to mention....