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Chicken Scheme for Android

These files will setup a cross compiler toolchain for the use of Chicken Scheme on Android. With the help of the Chicken cross compiler we can build native binaries with csc for Android.


  • Android SDK and NDK
  • A Chicken installation. Version 4.8.0 or higher is recommended.


  • Copy into and make the necessary changes to reflect your working environment.


Entering make will create a bootstrapping compiler and host- and target parts of a CHICKEN cross-compilation installation in build/host and build/target, respectively. You can then install eggs by running build/host/bin/android-chicken-install.

For more information, please consult the Makefile.

Use adb to copy binaries to Android.


Installing Eggs

Add the host/bin and toolchain/android-14/bin directories of this repo to PATH. Now you can use chicken-install as usual (be careful with directories precedence in PATH in case it already points to an existent Chicken installation).


This build includes some hardcoded paths which must be changed if you change an Android package name. I will try to clean up this and provide a way to have multiple toolchains for the different platforms regardless of the package name used.

If you have any issues, please report them. I will try to fix them as soon as possible.

If you want to contribute I'm happy to receive your improvements :)

You will find us on irc at in #mobile-chicken

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