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;;;; compile-time part of cncb
(use data-structures srfi-1 matchable ports)
(define (cncb-transformer x r c sync)
(let ((%d (r 'd))
(%a (r 'a))
(%begin (r 'begin))
(%dispatcher-add! (r 'dispatcher-add!))
(%quote (r 'quote))
(%define (r 'define))
(%dispatcher (r 'dispatcher))
(%lambda (r 'lambda)))
(define (expand name args dispatcher-id rtype body)
(,%define ,%d (,%dispatcher (,%quote ,dispatcher-id)))
,(generate-entry-point r name %d args sync rtype)
(,%quote ,name)
(,%d ,%a)
,(unstash-and-execute r args %a body sync rtype)))))
(if sync
(match x
((_ ((name dispatcher-id) args ...) rtype body ...)
(expand name args dispatcher-id rtype body))
((_ (name args ...) rtype body ...)
(expand name args 'default rtype body)))
(match x
((_ ((name dispatcher-id) args ...) body ...)
(expand name args dispatcher-id #f body))
((_ (name args ...) body ...)
(expand name args 'default #f body))))))
(define (generate-entry-point r name dispvar t/a sync rtype)
(let ((cvar (gensym "cvar"))
(mutex (gensym "mutex"))
(infd (gensym "infd"))
(outfd (gensym "outfd"))
(data (gensym "data"))
(ptr (gensym "ptr"))
(result (symbol->string (gensym "result")))
(result-arg (gensym "arg"))
(%begin (r 'begin))
(%define-foreign-variable (r 'define-foreign-variable))
(%dispatcher-argument-output-fileno (r 'dispatcher-argument-output-fileno))
(%dispatcher-result-input-fileno (r 'dispatcher-result-input-fileno))
(%foreign-declare (r 'foreign-declare))
(rtype (strip-syntax rtype))
(t/a (strip-syntax t/a)))
(define (stash-arguments args)
(let ((size (gensym "size")))
(lambda ()
;; add ptr to callback-name, mutex-ptr and cvar-ptr
;; we align to 8-byte, which should be sufficient
(printf "int ~a = 6 * sizeof(void *);~%char *~a, *~a;~%" size data ptr)
(when sync
;; by convention, in a synchronous call the last argument is a
;; pointer to the result value
(set! args (append args `(((c-pointer ,rtype) ,result-arg))))
(if (eq? rtype 'void)
(printf "void *~a;~%" result-arg)
(printf "~a; ~a = &~a;~%"
(foreign-type-declaration rtype result name)
`(c-pointer ,rtype)
(symbol->string result-arg))
(lambda _
(printf "~a += 2 * sizeof(void *);~%" size))
;;XXX result of malloc(3) not checked
(printf "~a = (char *)malloc(~a);~%~a = ~a;~%" data size ptr data)
(printf "*((char **)~a) = \"~a\";~%~a += 2 * sizeof(void *);~%" ptr name ptr)
(cond (sync
(printf "*((void **)~a) = &~a;~%" ptr mutex)
(printf "~a += 2 * sizeof(void *);~%" ptr)
(printf "*((void **)~a) = &~a;~%" ptr cvar)
(printf "~a += 2 * sizeof(void *);~%" ptr) )
;; two dummy ptrs when no cvar/mutex needed
(printf "~a += 4 * sizeof(void *);~%" ptr)))
((_ arg)
(printf "memcpy(~a, &~a, sizeof ~a);~%~a += 2 * sizeof(void *);~%"
ptr arg arg ptr)))
"#include <pthread.h>\n"
,(conc "static int " infd "," outfd ";\n")
,(conc (if sync (foreign-type-declaration rtype "") "void")
" " name "("
(map (match-lambda
((type arg)
(foreign-type-declaration type (symbol->string arg))))
,(if sync
"pthread_cond_t " cvar ";\n"
"pthread_mutex_t " mutex ";\n")
,(stash-arguments t/a)
,(if sync
(conc "pthread_mutex_init(&" mutex ", NULL);\n"
"pthread_cond_init(&" cvar ", NULL);\n"
"pthread_mutex_lock(&" mutex ");\n")
,(conc "(void)write(" outfd ", &" data ", sizeof(void *));\n")
,(if sync
(conc "pthread_cond_wait(&" cvar ", &" mutex ");\n"
"pthread_mutex_unlock(&" mutex ");\n"
"pthread_cond_destroy(&" cvar ");\n"
"pthread_mutex_destroy(&" mutex ");\n")
,(if (and sync (not (eq? 'void rtype)))
(conc "return " result ";\n")
(,%define-foreign-variable ,infd int)
(,%define-foreign-variable ,outfd int)
(set! ,outfd (,%dispatcher-argument-output-fileno ,dispvar))
(set! ,infd (,%dispatcher-result-input-fileno ,dispvar)))))
(define (unstash-and-execute r t/a ptr body sync rtype)
(let ((%let (r 'let))
(%foreign-lambda* (r 'foreign-lambda*))
(%begin (r 'begin))
(%free (r 'free))
(%begin0 (r 'begin0))
(%advance! (r 'advance!))
(ptrvar (gensym "pptr")))
`(,%let ((,ptrvar ((,%foreign-lambda* c-pointer ((c-pointer ptr)) "return(ptr);")
,ptr)) ; copy pointer because of pointer-mutation below
void ((scheme-object ptr))
"C_set_block_item(ptr, 0, C_block_item(ptr, 0) + 2 * sizeof(void *));")))
(,%advance! ,ptrvar) ; cbname
(,%advance! ,ptrvar) ; mutex
(,%advance! ,ptrvar) ; cvar
,(map (match-lambda
((type arg)
`(,arg (,%begin0
(((c-pointer ,type) ptr))
(foreign-type-declaration type "val")
" = *ptr;\nreturn(val);"))
(,%advance! ,ptrvar)))))
,@(if sync
(((c-pointer (c-pointer ,rtype)) ptr)
(c-pointer buf)
(,(if (eq? rtype 'void) 'scheme-object rtype) val)
(int index))
"pthread_mutex_t *m = *((pthread_mutex_t **)buf + 2);"
"pthread_cond_t *c = *((pthread_cond_t **)buf + 4);"
,(if (eq? rtype 'void) "" "*(*ptr) = val;")
,ptrvar ,ptr (,%begin ,@body) ,(length t/a)))
(,%free ,ptr))))
;; foreign-type conversion - taken from c-backend.scm
(define (foreign-type-declaration type target #!optional result?)
(let ((err (lambda () (syntax-error "illegal foreign type" type)))
(lambda (thunk)
(when result?
"native callback result type may refer to unsafe data"
(str (lambda (ts) (string-append ts " " target))) )
(let-syntax ((check
(syntax-rules ()
((_ exp) (badresult (lambda () exp))))))
(case type
((scheme-object) (check (str "C_word")))
((char byte) (str "C_char"))
((unsigned-char unsigned-byte) (str "unsigned C_char"))
((unsigned-int unsigned-integer) (str "unsigned int"))
((unsigned-int32 unsigned-integer32) (str "C_u32"))
((int integer bool) (str "int"))
((size_t) (str "size_t"))
((int32 integer32) (str "C_s32"))
((integer64) (str "C_s64"))
((unsigned-integer64) (str "C_u64"))
((short) (str "short"))
((long) (str "long"))
((unsigned-short) (str "unsigned short"))
((unsigned-long) (str "unsigned long"))
((float) (str "float"))
((double number) (str "double"))
((c-pointer nonnull-c-pointer scheme-pointer nonnull-scheme-pointer)
(str "void *"))
((c-string-list c-string-list*) (check "C_char **"))
((blob nonnull-blob u8vector nonnull-u8vector)
(check (str "unsigned char *")))
((u16vector nonnull-u16vector)
(check (str "unsigned short *")))
((s8vector nonnull-s8vector)
(check (str "char *")))
((u32vector nonnull-u32vector)
(check (str "unsigned int *")))
((s16vector nonnull-s16vector)
(check (str "short *")))
((s32vector nonnull-s32vector)
(check (str "int *")))
((f32vector nonnull-f32vector)
(check (str "float *")))
((f64vector nonnull-f64vector)
(check (str "double *")))
((pointer-vector nonnull-pointer-vector) (str "void **"))
((nonnull-c-string c-string nonnull-c-string* c-string* symbol)
(check (str "char *")))
((nonnull-unsigned-c-string nonnull-unsigned-c-string*
unsigned-c-string unsigned-c-string*)
(check (str "unsigned char *")))
((void) (str "void"))
(cond #;((and (symbol? type)
(##sys#hash-table-ref foreign-type-table type))
=> (lambda (t)
(foreign-type-declaration (if (vector? t) (vector-ref t 0) t) target)) )
((string? type) (str type))
((list? type)
(let ((len (length type)))
((and (= 2 len)
(memq (car type)
'(pointer nonnull-pointer c-pointer
nonnull-c-pointer) ) )
(cadr type)
(string-append "*" target)) )
((and (= 2 len)
(eq? 'ref (car type)))
(cadr type)
(string-append "&" target)) )
((and (> len 2)
(eq? 'template (car type)))
(foreign-type-declaration (cadr type) "")
(map (cut foreign-type-declaration <> "") (cddr type))
"> ") ) )
((and (= len 2) (eq? 'const (car type)))
"const "
(foreign-type-declaration (cadr type) target)))
((and (= len 2) (eq? 'struct (car type)))
"struct "
(->string (cadr type)) " " target))
((and (= len 2) (eq? 'union (car type)))
(string-append "union " (->string (cadr type)) " " target))
((and (= len 2) (eq? 'enum (car type)))
(string-append "enum " (->string (cadr type)) " " target))
((and (= len 3)
(memq (car type)
'(instance nonnull-instance)))
(string-append (->string (cadr type)) "*" target))
((and (= len 3) (eq? 'instance-ref (car type)))
(check (string-append (->string (cadr type)) "&" target)))
((and (>= len 3) (eq? 'function (car type)))
(let ((rtype (cadr type))
(argtypes (caddr type))
(callconv (optional (cdddr type) "")))
(foreign-type-declaration rtype "")
" (*" target ")("
(map (lambda (at)
(if (eq? '... at)
(foreign-type-declaration at "") ) )
")" ) ) )
(else (err)) ) ) )
(else (err)) ) ) ) ) ) )
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