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Chickfights' Quote Database

  • This repo holds all the quotes available on chickfights.us.
  • You can access a JSON file with all the quotes bundled up here.

Submitting Quotes

Quotes can be submitted two ways:

  1. By forking this repo and submitting a pull request with your included quotes.
  2. Creating an issue titled New Quote and including your quote content in the issue text.

There are rules, however, so pay attention or your quotes will get denied.

  1. The website assumes quotes are in IRC format, so plan accordingly.
  2. If your quote contains links to a website make sure it's not shitty.
  3. Remove filler chat text.
  4. Remove trailing laughs if it's not constructive.
  5. Make sure it's funny to everyone, not just in your context.
  6. Quotes are subject to my inspection, and can be denied for any reason I choose, even if not listed above.

Reporting Quotes

If you think something should be reported, create an issue with the quote ID as the title and explain why it should be removed. It's unlikely they will get removed, but you can try!