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Node.js releases data
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Node.js releases data

All data is located in data directory.

data/raw contains raw data nodejs.json and iojs.json.

data/processed contains envs.js with both node.js and io.js data preprocessed to be used by browserlist and other projects. Each version in this file contains only necessary info: version, release date and optionally LTS flag.


npm install --save node-releases

Updating data

npm run build

This is a build script which fetches data from web, processes it and saves processed data to data/processed/envs.json. If you want to run this steps separately you can use commands described below.

Fetching data

npm run fetch

This npm script will download new data to data/raw directory. Also it'll download Node.js release schedule into release-schedule folder.

Processing data

npm run process

This script generates envs.json file from raw data files and saves it to data/processed directory.

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