A Kirby CMS based UI Pattern Library Starter Kit
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Pattern Library Starterkit

A Kirby CMS based UI Pattern Library Starter Kit.

  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to use
  • A must have for every digital web project

Thanks to www.immonet.de for making this project open source

Pattern Library Starterkit


  • Built with the powerful Kirby CMS
  • 100% file based - No database required
  • Live pattern demo with your CSS/JS resources
  • Responsive pattern viewer "ish" included for responsive viewport sizing
  • Pattern Data (Name, Author, Description & Developer Sample Code)
  • Overview pages for easy library structuring
  • Simple pattern search included
  • Kirby FontAwesome Plugin included

Dependencies & System Requirements

  • A Kirby CMS installation (Version: 2.3.2+)
  • For Kirby CMS installation requirements & procedure please consult Kirby installation manual
  • Get a Kirby license if you are happy. You can purchase your Kirby license at https://getkirby.com/buy
  • For Fontawesome Icon Plugin you need to be online


  • Install and run the Kirby Starterkit
  • Clone the repository or download the Pattern Library Starterkit
  • Add/Replace the files & folders to their destination folders
  • Follow the manual on the "How To" page or read the Github Wiki

Issues and feedback

Please report issues and request new features on the issues page

Used 3rd Party Resources, Libraries and Plugins

This Pattern Library Starterkit wouldn't be possible without the stunning work of a worldwide open source community. A million thanks go to...

Icon Plugin for kirby

Responsive viewer "ish"

Kirby Comments Plugin

Kirby Icons Plugin

Based on Kirby Documentation Theme KDOC

iFrame Resizer