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ChiefOnboarding is a free and open source employee onboarding platform. You can onboarding new hires through Slack or the dashboard.



  • Automatically provision user accounts, such as Slack and Google (more integrations coming soon!)
  • Pre-boarding: onboarding doesn't start on day 1, it starts before that. Build pre-boarding pages to welcome new hires before they start.
  • To do items: keep track of the things that your new hires need to do and allow them to fill in forms.
  • Resources: let them search through the knowledge base and complete courses so they are quickly up to speed with colleagues.
  • Sequences: drip feeding items over time or based on the completion of a to do item. Avoid the overwhelming feeling.
  • Badges: reward new hires for the things they have done. This also helps to keep them motivated.
  • Introductions: introduce people new hires should know.
  • Admin to do items: collaborate with colleagues on things that need to be done for the new hire.
  • Multilingual (WIP): English, Dutch, Portuguese, German, Turkey, French, Spanish, and Japanese are all supported.
  • Timezones: It doesn't matter where your new hire lives. You can adjust the timezone per new hire, so they don't get messages in the middle of the night!
  • Slack bot and dashboard: your new hires can use the dashboard or the Slack bot. Both provide all features and can be used standalone.
  • Customizable: use your logo, add your color scheme and even customize the bot to your liking. No one will know you are using ChiefOnboarding.
  • Transparency, freedom, and privacy: ChiefOnboarding is completely open-source and licensed under AGPLv3.
  • Host it yourself on your own infrastructure or let us host it for you!


Please see the documentation for full details.


See details here: ChiefOnboarding on Docker Hub




Deploy to Render

Security issues

Please do not create an issue if you found a potential security issue. Email me directly at and I will get it resolved ASAP.


This project is licensed under the AGPLv3 License - see the file for details.